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Human Resource Senior Manager


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Human Resource Senior Manager


$ 5500 to $ 5700 per month




September 12 2021

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Main responsibilities:

- Recruitment and onboarding:
• Developing manpower requirement plan for all segments for both companies (factory, admin, sales and other associated functions)
• Vetting all sources of recruitment chosen for both companies as well as the contracts with all agencies in coordination with the finance department
• Developing job descriptions for different roles in the units, in coordination with IBU India
• Conducting recruitment processes for local hiring, coordinate with recruitment agencies, prepare draft contracts for recruitment agencies
• Finalising the employee agreement contracts in coordination with the finance department
• Coordinating with other stakeholders for conducting background checks on employees, maintaining records of past employment, maintain the reports of medical checkups, etc.
• Planning induction programs for all new recruits and organise system for delivery of the same
- Training and Development:
• Finalising the final budget for training in discussion with finance and other functions as well as the training programs to be deployed for the different employee groups and deploying them by tying up with institutes or other capability delivering teams
• Developing process for capturing the training needs of the organisation in Indonesia
• Developing process for capturing training delivered, assessing the impact and ensuring that the relevant training are delivered, and capability is built.
- Compensation and Benefits:
• Managing the budget for employee welfare, compensation, benefits and other perks, and ensure equitable distribution, for both companies
• Planning the expenditures regarding employee cost, for the entire year and also maintain a similar budget for other activities
• Preparing and maintaining the salary sheet payable to all employees
• Planning for yearly revisions, increments, and other additions(including bonus, incentives and other statutorily required allowances) to be paid out to employees in coordination with finance department
• Ensuring the timely submission of all legal submissions from employee and employer contribution
- Performance Management:
• Implementing and sustaining a uniform performance management structure for evaluation of employees of both companies on a periodic basis
• Ensuring linkage in structure with the salary revisions proposal and the growth opportunities envisaged for an employee
• Ensuring administration of the performance appraisal process for all employees
• Monitoring performance records for employees and develop an employee lifecycle monitor to help develop the employee in a holistic manner
- Industrial relations management:
• Developing an IR policy for the factory to ensure:
- The smooth operational conditions at factory coupled with any unrest or grievance is handled in a stable and effective manner
- Welfare and benefits are compliant with standard norms as well as impact of external environment/political/legal situation on working operations is minimal
- Building an atmosphere of trust and wellbeing as well as ensuring the effectiveness of the relationship with external ensuring that there is no information gap.

Skill set:

- General HR Management, HR set up systems on startup manufacturing company.

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