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Cloud Services Engineer


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Cloud Services Engineer


$ 5500 to $ 5700 per month




September 27 2021

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About the company:

Our company, Eze Castle Integration is known worldwide for its ability to provide different opportunities to people to learn from the best arena in the world. The organization is also a group of highly intelligent, driven and skilled engineers and client technology managers. You will be saddled with the responsibilities of mentoring and training our employees into developing themselves professionally through challenges.

About the job:

Our company seeks an intelligent and highly skilled individual that will be responsible for our company’s technical lead as well as a point of reference for any escalation issue. You will also be responsible for the maintenance of our customers’ private cloud technologies excellently well. You would be required to perform different activities on the Cloud Technologies based on the duties assigned to you. You must possess an excellent communication and presentation skills as well as be able to work excellently well in a high pressured environment.

Main responsibilities:

- Making sure that the Private Cloud Solutions for both potential and existing clients are deployed and upgraded.
- Ensuring the maintenance of our Private Cloud Production to fight against any disaster through actions that are related to testing and others.
- Making sure that you contribute your quota to resolutions and issues related to the support.
- Making sure that our company is ready for any failure or disaster by supporting therecovery of clients’ environment.
- Providing to the Client’s Support Team the Tier 2 escalation that is necessary for the diagnose and resolution of issues.
- Making sure that the Private Cloud Products are well improvedthrough research as to the improvement of the product.
- Documenting all the standards related to the product as well as going for all Product team meetings and support meetings.


- A certification in the field of Computer Science or any other related experience with at least two years of experience.
- Ability to communicate well in both oral and written form of communication.
- Ability to relate with people and develop anexcellent relationship with other.
- Ability to pay a great deal of attention and ensure the presentation of information and idea in a friendly manner.
- Ability to document, retain and absorb information.
- Ability to take actions to motivate others.
- Ability to identify and solve problems easily with little or no supervision.
- Ability to prioritize and multitask well in an environment with a lot of pressure.
- An in-depth knowledge of the deployment and management of different applications including the Microsoft Windows Servers, Powershell, Multi-Tenant Exchange among others as may be required.
- Ability to work with Linux, Solaris and other market Vendor Applications that are used in financial industries.
- Experience in the use and management of XenApp, PowerShell, VMware products among others.

Work Conditions:

- Ability to travel for about twenty-five percent of your time.
- Ability to work without being supervised in a high pressured environment.
- Ability to deal with a reasonable level of noise while working.
- Ability and willingness to travel around the world for business purpose as well as work during the business hour as at when necessary.
- Ability to work late into the night and during the weekends as may be needed.
- Flexibility with different but multiple works with tight deadlines.
- Ability to sit for a long period and capacity to operate a computer with a lot of skills.
- Performing functions which involves the transportation of some objects which are not too heavy.

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