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Account Director


Expat Job

Account Director


$ 8200 to $ 8500 per month




April 29 2024

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There is a vacancy for an Account Director which is meant for an intelligent and experienced individual who is qualified to oversee all our engagements in both sport and business categories. You will drive the engagement vision and ensure that all the clients are well satisfied while challenging our team to support the clients the more. You must be able to strike the right cord while dealing with the clients in a bid to achieve their objectives.

Main responsibilities:

- Building and strengthening all our business relationships with our clients with the aim of bringing about the maximization of opportunities and strategy influence.
- Making sure that all relationships with the clients are built to bring about excellent delivery which results in trust and consistency.
- Seeking on a regular basis to identify any expectations of the client and the relationships with the clients are improved.
- Working for the purpose of becoming an indispensable but respected source to both our client and agency teams in business intelligence or competitive insight categories.
- Having a good knowledge of the client for the purpose of making the agency to operate within the empathy of the clients’ circumstances.
- Making sure that a one on one meetings with the clients is maintained to bring about a broader business partnership.
- Making sure that all the clients are educated, engaged and excited about the R/GA Nike and non-Nike remit.
- Making sure that all the feedbacks about the loops with R/GA network offices are worked on to bring about the integration of the recommendation in our business and project.
- Making sure that the agency is set up in such a way that success is guaranteed on new and innovative engagements.
- Making sure that all the clients are worked on to bring about the qualification, shaping and strengthening of their upcoming briefs for the purpose of developing a strong strategic plan for the team.
- Drafting different opportunity briefs for the purpose of leading intake processes and ensuring the onboard production of larger project teams with different partners.
- Attending to all the team questions and bringing about a way to make the clients work harder than before.
- Using the resources of the agency to bring success to the company.
- Working with the aim of maintaining all the business pipeline to bring about confidence and success.
- Making sure that all oversight presence on projects is reviewed by the agency at work with different internal checkpoint serving as the representative of the clients’ perspective.
- Making sure that all escalations are taken care for to bring about the management of all internal sell in and project obstacles clearing.
- Using all the available activities to bring about a match up in the evolution of our agency strategies and supports.


- At least seven years of account management and marketing experience.
- Experience in different multi-channel with the ability to multitask as a marketer.
- Ability to support performance driven and data-driven marketing programs.
- A thorough knowledge of the technicality required in applying data to thedifferent business.
- Ability to work with digital media and platforms for the purpose of creating animpact on our company.
- Exposure to adifferent and diverse mixture of industrial activities.

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