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Account Director


Expat Job

Account Director


£ 9700 to £ 10000 per month




April 29 2024

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Our company seeks an individual that is very intelligent and understanding to serve as the Senior Account Director that will be responsible for the development and maintenance of one of our main accounts. You will also be responsible with the responsibility of ensuring that our relationship with our clients is well maintained. Apart from that, you will be responsible for the identification of growth opportunities which will bring about an immense development for our company. You will also be responsible for the management of your team to ensure excellent performance for the completion of all our works in compliance with the SLA. The right individual for this job must be an individual that is visionary and focus. Such individual must be someone who is capable of bringing about a long-term strategy by ensuring the combination of vision and reality. You must also be able to work on different products and services.

Main responsibilities:

- Taking responsibility of our business unit including commercial, business and team management strategy.
- Serving as the leader in ensuring that our clients are satisfied as well as ensuring the internal resource department will be well managed.
- Making sure that our account teams are well managed for the purpose of ensuring the compliance of company operating procedures.
- Making sure that your team members are well developed, mentored and trained professionally.
- Making sure that quality concerns and issues are resolved through corrective actions.
- Making sure that growth strategies and opportunities are well managed with the Senior Account Manager while ensuring the development and maintenance of clients’ number on a yearly basis.
- Ensuring the achievement of growth targets as well as ensuring the review and renewal of thecontract.
- Making sure that risks relating to account are put in place and corrected.
- Making sure that strong relationships are well developed with our Senior decision makers.
- Providing MI reports and account relationship plans production on a daily basis.


- Ability to relate with people around you as well as develop excellent relationships with people at all level.
- Ability to communicate with people around you including your clients and colleagues.
- Ability to manage people around you effectively
- Ability to work and present your plans and strategy relating to the account for the purpose of growth and ensuring the retention of growth.
- Ability to manage our contract and ensure the success of our clients.
- Ability to ensure the development of risk mitigations strategies to solve any possible business issue.
- Experience in the management of department financials.


- Ability to manage our client services as well as work extensively on our clients’ sites.
- Ability to manage people and your team.
- Experience in the management of client services plans, KPI’s and other budgeting issues.
- Excellent experience in the development and maintenance of our relationships with our clients.
- Proficiency and ability to manage work in an excellent but fast paced retail environment.
- Proficiency in presenting to board or senior management officials.
- Ability and experience in making sure that large budgets are dealtwith.

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