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Account Director - Mccann Humancare


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Account Director - Mccann Humancare


$ 10500 to $ 10800 per month




September 30 2021

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Our company, McCann HumanCare is one of the fastest growing companies in the Consumer health and wellness industry. It is part of the McCann World Group.

About the job:

Our company seeks an individual that would serve as the Account Director of our company with the aim of leading a large Account management team. The right individual will be responsible for the overseeing of all activities which are associatedwith our business. Such individual would work within a team which will work closely with other agencies with the aim of delivering services to exceed the expectations of the clients. Our consumer communications across all the known channels will be taken care of by the HumanCare Team.
For you to be successful in this position, you must be extra ordinary in the delivery of quality and creative outputs as well as being able to support all our senior clients. You should also be able to identify the right opportunities and work towards it to enhance the services of our company.
As an Account Director, you must uphold the core beliefs of our agency and be responsible for the delivery of the best works ever. You must be collaborative, passionate and highly creative.


- A good understanding of the business models as well as the factors which drive client and agency success.
- Client management skills as well as the ability to advocate for the whole client organization.
- A good understanding of performance measurements and financial figures.
- Ability to generate ideas and ensure the production of the right business results.
- Ability to play a leadership role in the motivation of the clients.
- Ability to achieve all goals for both yourself and others.
- Ability to understand all the resources at hand as well as bring about exceptional results for your clients.
- Ability to coordinate the strategies for the improvement of clients’ relationships
- Ability to inspire other teams and staffs as well as coach and mentor recruit to their maximum potential.
- Ability to motivate people to work individually and as a team.
- Ability to build trust and confidence in all our senior Agency staff.
- Ability to facilitate a smooth communication as well as provide the necessary digital solutions to the clients.
- Ability to perform all duties and tasks that may be assigned.

Education and experience:

- A University degree in any related field of study while a Master’s degree is preferable.
- At least five years experience in about eight agency
- Both supervisory and DTC experiences are required.
- Ability to pass information across either orally or in writing.
- Experience and expertise of working with a digital landscape are preferable.

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