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Accounting Manager


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Accounting Manager


$ 7500 to $ 7700 per month




October 7 2021

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Our company, Snap Inc. believes in the improvement of how people communicate and live. We are a camera company whose products gives the people the needed powers to express themselves and capture the moment.

About the job:

We currently seek an individual that will serve as the Accounting Manager of our company. Such individual will be responsible for the management of all our activities related to Latvia and Ukraine businesses. Such individual would collaborate closely with the International Accounting Team and will work with a team that would specialize in the technology that would provide the best real-time video communication that is sought by professionals around the world. The right individual will also work with several professionals in finance and our business partners to ensure the reconciliation and coding of accounts in our Ukraine Office.

Main responsibilities:

- Be responsible for all the invoices to make them comply with both the company and local policies.
- Provide the preparation of the management accounts on a monthly basis for both Latvia and Ukraine offices.
- Control the performance of reconciliations by working in several areas of the company making sure that all costs incurred are well accounted.
- Provide the preparation of explanations needed for all the necessary areas of the company as may be assigned.
- Make sure that all the processes and procedures of the company are optimized for scalability.
- Manage the necessary support needed for both the internal and the annual financial statement audits.
- Work with the relevant quarters to ensure that all the reporting of the assigned businesses are in line with the statutory laid down rules.
- Collaborate with the external partners to bring about compliance with the local GAAP.
- Support and bring about improvement which would result in the excellence of the Accounting team.
- Ensure the identification and the evaluation of all the necessary changes needed for all the identified accounting issues to be solved.
- Serve as the backbone for both the projects and other ad-hoc analyses.


- A Bachelor degree in Accounting or its equivalent.
- At least six years’ experience in accounting or industry.
- Experience in US and international accounting.
- Excellent knowledge of accounting and other reporting.
- Ability to meet deadlines and work under much pressure.
- Be able to think critically and to solve problems.
- Work as a team player or an independent individual.
- Experience as a leader and to consistently achieve excellence in your academic environment and workplace.
- Willing to work in a very dynamic organization and to make sure that you execute and flourish well in an entrepreneurial environment.
- US citizen desirable.
- Work permit visa and accommodation sponsored.

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