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Branch Manager


$ 5500 to $ 6000 per month




September 15 2021

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Main responsibilities:

- Ensure that you meet our business targets by ensuring that you bring in and retain intelligent and highly competent individuals.
- Be in charge of the performance of all our staff by making sure that you analyze and implement the performance contract of each staff strictly making sure that the company’s vision is taken cognizance of.
- Report on the performance of each team and staff member by making sure that necessary actions are taken as regards to counseling and disciplinary nature while serving as the Ambassadors of the bank at CCMA.
- Make sure that all our staff is well motivated to perform their duties exceptionally.
- Train the staff at the branch by reducing the performance gaps in all the branches to bring about consistency in the quality of our services.
- Motivate the staff members to make decisions for the company and develop a conducive environment for the team.
- Train and develop the staff of the branch by ensuring that they perform duties well.
- Develop an environment where the employees’ culture is taken care of.
- Meet the branch’s sales target and ensure that our company increases its sales.
- Execute the best strategies and campaigns that will increase our profit.
- Manage the expenditure of the company making sure that we get more revenues in a bid to meet our income target.
- Oversee the efficiency of the teams by ensuring that the members are productive and always ready to meet our business goals and targets.
- Register all the company’s assets effectively to update the company’s assets’ list.
- Be a part of the team that is responsible for the development of a culture which is required to build the business and the company’s brand through initiatives and strategy.
- Meet the targets of the EE and transformation teams by working with them.
- Generate the best ideas to communicate with the staff in the branch and other branches.
- Implement the best approach to change our business for better by implementing a new business strategy.
- Identify the capacity, strength and the needs of the branch to optimize our services to satisfy all our customers.
- Develop strong relationships with all our customers, shareholders and stakeholders.
- Adhere to the highest standard of services which will improve the clients’ satisfaction.
- Satisfy our clients and increase our company’s net income.
- Improve our customers’ experiences with theNedbank brand.
- Make sure that all the staff both new and old ones meet the required legislative standards.
- Regulate the staff and make sure that the staffadheres to the internal policies and procedures.
- Oversee the leaders of each department or team ensure that they monitor how their members comply with all the requirements.


- At least two years experience in the management of people and clients in a retail environment.
- Ability to coach, mentor and train people.
- A customer driven person that is capable of facilitating changes.
- An individual with businessman and who is capable of developing a team that is result driven

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