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Business Banking Relationship Manager


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Business Banking Relationship Manager


$ 7000 to $ 7200 per month




November 6 2018

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Main responsibilities:
- Be responsible for the identification and conversion of all loan or deposit opportunities.
- Improve and retain the base of all our existing customers through constant delivery of excellent services.
- Be in charge of the cross sale of the bank’s other goods and services.
- Through analysis of the customers, assess how worthy a customer or prospect is regarding credit.
- Assess and oversee the processing of the documentation required to perfect a loan.
- Tender all the loan applications to the relevant committee as at when necessary for scrutiny.
- Monitor the credit line of each customer.
- Develop and manage excellent working relationships with all the departments in charge of the provision of assistance to the company.
- Train, mentor and coach the retail network of the branch and ensure that they meet the calling goal.
- Provide the necessary support required by the branch retail network to manage the customer treasury and sell treasury in a normal way.
- Ensure the compliance of the bank policies and laws that are connected to the position while ensuring that you stay updated with the management of the business.
- Take cognizance of all the changes and update them to make sure that you are successful with the compliance exercise.
- Assist in your actions to support the Core Values and Mission of the bank.
- Perform other duties that may have been assigned to you by the company.

Education and Experience:
- A Bachelor degree in any relevant but similar field is required or equivalent experience.
- Experience in the development of bank business is desired.
- At least three years experience in the position of an AVP.
- At least five years experience in the position of a VP.

- Sales
• Negotiation and Effective selling skills.
• Ability to market and persuade a customer.
• Cross-selling, preparation of proposals and presentations and customer interview.
- Marketing:
• Knowledge of Sales and Promotion.
• A good understanding of the best ways to sell the bank’s products.
- Customer Service:
• Telephone communication skills.
• Professional conducts
• Interpersonal communications and relationships.
• Ability to inspire customers.
- Credit:
• An up to date knowledge of the credit policies, loan analysis, collection technique among others.
- Finance and Accounting:
• A good understanding of Financial Analysis and accounting principles

- Proficient with the use of Microsoft Office Suite and other window applications.
- Must be able to input and retrieve data using a computer.
- Excellent understanding of the required software for each business unit.
- Ability to identify, analyze and solve any issue that the company could stumble on.
- Pay the considerable amount of attention to details.
- Ability to negotiate well and strike deals in favor of our company with individuals.
- Present and negotiate terms excellently with different individuals and organizations.
- Ability to follow up on prospects and manage our company’s time efficiently.
- Assist all our customers both internally and externally.
- Collaborate with the members of the team and management board to complete all the assigned duties.
- Develop and manage excellent but collaborative relationships with different people both in and outside the organizations.

Work Space
- Low and moderate noise of the workspace location
- Serene and conducive branch location.
- Travel to different branches is required on a weekly basis.

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