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Business Development Manager


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Business Development Manager


€ 10200 to € 10500 per month




December 16 2018

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Our company seeks an individual that is very accountable to serve as the Development Manager that will be responsible for the identification and delivery of our new profitable business. The right candidate will be responsible for ensuring the identification and establishment of relationships with new clients. Apart from this, the candidate will ensure that all the prints and digital requirements are identified for the purpose of meeting our clients’ needs. You will also be responsible for working closely with different stakeholders to make sure that our client expectations are meant. Your work base is in our offices in the Netherlands delivering businesses for both Netherlands and Belgium.

Main responsibilities:

- Making sure that all the sales opportunities in the Netherlands and Belgium are well identified
- Making sure that relationships with all potential clients are well established while client services are defined for development purpose.
- Working to bring about the conjunction of our best practices with both Internal Service Protocol and wider HH operations group.
- Making sure that all our financial targets are not only met but ensured.
- Making sure that all our new business are analyzed for the purpose of bringing excellence to our business.
- Making sure that new relationships are established and improved with both our existing and new clients.
- Making sure that you have a good knowledge of our potential business sectors and clients.
- Excellent understanding of what drives our client and our organization.
- Making sure that our relationships are well built and maintained naturally with our clients.
- Making sure that inputs from either the external and internal clientsare sought for a good understanding of the needs of the clients.
- Making sure that first impression which talks positively about our profile, competence, and professionalism is created.
- Making sure that results are achieved and demonstrated over a period.
- Ensuring the identification of opportunities for our new business as well as working closely with all our stakeholders.
- Making sure that clients get offered solutions that are positive to their business.
- Making sure that development as to the current technology and trends of the market is ensured for the purpose of opportunities leverage.
- Striving hard with the aim of exceeding expectations of the budget as well as ensuring the development of the people.
- Making sure that the stakeholders are well communicatedwith.
- Ensuring the compliance of our company with the HH standards while ensuring the contribution of significant input into our business plan.
- Working with Senior Account Management for the purpose of ensuring the compliance of both the sales processes and procedures.
- Making sure that the standard framework is implemented and developed as expected.

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