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Business Development Manager




January 19 2018

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With our aim of changing the world’s view about food delivery, we have done a lot of research, brainstorm and now hiring the best brains to help us out. For good four years that we have been in this business, we have been rolling out hundreds of ideas of international standards like Deliveroo Editions which is a personalized kitchen designed to host some set of selected locally-curated restaurants. Our solutions to ensure the access to the best food-scene irrespective of the location of our customers isreferred to as editions.
We don’t compromise in Deliveroo, instead, we actively think out of thebox, take challenges in bringing out food inspired ideas and work towards its fulfillment. Our company is energetic, fast paced with a free Friday lunches. With our duties to deliver great food to our customers in over hundred cities and twelve countries, we rank as one of the top restaurants. Your position will be amidst our Sales team while you serve as a representative who is tasked to sign up at Birmingham’s best restaurants.

This job is not an official job but a social job which requires excellent communication skills for you to be able to utilize this position well.

Main responsibilities:

- Create a chart for the targeted restaurants in Central Birmingham in a professional, organized and methodological fashion.
- Communicate with the targeted restaurants and showcase our Deliveroo technology to them.
- Participate in a range of restaurants and food conferences.
- Sample food from different but high quality establishments.


- A thorough knowledge and understanding of the restaurant industry.
- Ability to exceed our revenue targets.
- Ability to self-motivate and motivate people around you.
- Ability and experience in working in a high growth and fast paced business environment are advantageous.
- Ability to learn consistently and think well.
- Ability to work for a long hour with a lot of commitment and dedication.


- Opportunity to be one of the earliest set of our employees
- The benefit of working with people love their works.
- Ability to have excellent impacts on our company’s growth and evolution.

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