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Care Coordinator Oncology


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Care Coordinator Oncology


$ 7200 to $ 7500 per month




May 7 2024

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Our company seeks an intelligent and understanding individual that will serve as our Care Coordinator providing functions that are assigned to him.

Main responsibilities:

- Ensuring the identification of patients which requires intensive and continuous coordination for their conditions.
- Making sure that the nature and the period of involvement as may be required by the Specialty Care Team or coordinator are well outlined while the primary care team involved are identified and documented.
- Making sure that the patients with either actual or potential need requiring core coordination are identified using your skills.
- Ensuring that all the outreach as targeted is conducted for the purpose of bringing about both efficient and prompt care delivery.
- Making sure that Interdisciplinary team is worked with for the purpose of ensuring that our goals and plans are developed to its maximum level.
- Ability to ensure the reassessment of patients’ progress as to the goals and planned updates of care as may be required of him.
- Ability to ensure that all care gaps are closed against any form of specialty or chronic disease.
- Acting as the main and primary patient contact for your team for the purpose of considering the condition of the patient as well as ensuring that all the members of the patient care team are well coordinated.
- Liaising with our patients, families and other physicians with the aim of facilitating resolutions to any questions and concerns of the family or patients.
- Making sure that transition of care is well maintained through excellent and optimized communication and planning.
- Identifying and overcoming any barrier that would affect the receiving of care and solution facilitations.
- Collaborating with another coordinator of care teams for the purpose of rehabilitating, providing transitional care and other functions.
- Making sure that disease-specific care paths for a particular care or disease are followed without leaving any word behind.
- Liaising with the patient and family for the purpose of knowing or getting informed about the current health status of the patient, his readiness to change among others.
- Making sure that the patient and the family is well trained on how to self-managethemselves to achieve both short and long term goals.
- Making sure that they are educated on the different conditions that may affect the body as well as both the prevention and maintenance tasks that must be performed.
- Making sure that care providers are educated and well connected with for the purpose of enhancing care.
- Making sure that quality and process improvement processes are complied with while other duties are performed as assigned.


- A Certificate from an Accredited School of Nursing coupled while a Bachelor degree in Nursing is required.
- A valid State Licensure to work as a Registered Nurse.
- Basic Cardiac Life Support and specialty certification are required as requested.
- At least three years experience in nursing.

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