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Content Marketing Manager


Expat Job

Content Marketing Manager


$ 5500 to $ 6000 per month




September 25 2021

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Our company currently seeks an intelligent but strategic individual who is capable of taking on a leadership role that will be required to drive our content marketing strategy and aid our development goals. There is an ample opportunity for you to relate and engage our audience using our excellent but content-rich education space.

Main responsibilities:

- Develop the best content plans which will be in line with the targets and goal of the development team.
- Expand the subscriber and customer base across all our social media channels by giving out excellent contents.
- Provide contents on a monthly basis to bring about more leads, awareness and other essential metrics that are needed for the development of the business.
- Be in charge of our blog and ensure that you provide ablog post on a regular basis to support other new projects and drive traffic to the site.
- Create a calendar for the editorial, set deadlines, and make sure that your team meets all the deadlines.
- Assess and review the traffic metrics on the web.
- Work with different experts in the industry which include designers, sales and other individuals for the production of contents that may be needed to meet the expectations of our audience and other important stakeholders.
- Gather feedbacks from the customers and ensure that you develop the best strategy to improve the engagement of all our customers on the site.
- Ensure that you convince other colleagues to invest their time and energy in your creative ideas.


Other colleague and members of the Growth Team will depend on your works on adailybasis. Thus, you need to be excellent in whatever you do.
- A creative and strategic individual.
- Must be able to provide excellent but helpful contents that will be instrumental in growing our demographic business.
- A decision maker that can make the rightjudgment at any critical point
- Dependable, trusted, respected, proactive and approachable.
- A curious individual that can prioritize and multitask
- A mindful individual that care about the effect of his/her contribution.
- A team player who can work with people of similar goals and visions while serving as a great contributor to a team.
- A motivator, team winner and an influencer that is always ready to help people with their works.
- A dream chaser and idea generator that is always ready perform better with the ideas.
- Must know things about the content.
- Experience content marketer who is always ready to achieve the best results.
- Excellent communication, project management and presentation skills.
- Sensitive to details.

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