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Country Facility Manager


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Country Facility Manager


£ 7700 to £ 8000 per month


Warrington,cheshire, UNITED KINGDOM


September 21 2021

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Our company seeks an individual that is very intelligent and proactive to serve as the Country Facility Manager of our company.

Primary responsibilities:

- Act as the supervisor who will oversee the persons in charge of supply and the facility as well as the manager or team in charge of the local facility management to maintain the IFM standards.
- Be responsible for the identification of all training requirements for performance tracking purposes and improved performances of the workers.
- Ensure the reporting of all our finances by supporting the managers who are in charge of budget planning and other activities related to finances.
- Be responsible for the development and review of all budgets and targets for us to meet the laid down targets smoothly.
- Ensure the provision of all the necessary safety and health sustainability which are required for ABB in the company.
- Be responsible for the provision of the necessary leadership required for the technicality of our facility in line with the best IFM practices, policies and standards.
- Ensure the evaluation of the supplies and procurement of both the equipment and site services in line with our strategy on IFM.
- Ensure the improvement of our property delivery portfolio through your excellent management skills.
- Improve our facility management by ensuring the utilization of all opportunities at hand for the improvement of our site’s capabilities and resources
- Oversee the third parties hired to ensure their conformity of their performances in line with the contract they entered into with us.
- Be responsible for the finalization of all schedules for assessment and inspection of our facility and the reports on the inspection.
- Be responsible for the delivery of all the schemes which are meant for the development of the property within our portfolio using your excellent management skills.


- Relevant background or qualification in Facility Management, Engineering among others.
- At least eight years experience in Facility Management and other H&S functions.
- Certification or registration with a professional association of Facility Maintenance and Management.
- An excellent knowledge of building, facility management, and project management.
- Ability to analyze and solve problems easily with little or no help.
- Ability to communicate well with others and influence the decisions made by the top officials.
- Foresee any possible problem and analyze it to bring about highly cost effective way of solving the problems.
- Ability to work well within ourmulti-facet teams and the organizations.
- Ability to work with little or no supervision.
- Ability to manage and organize well.
- Excellent knowledge of the terms and principles that are required for the development of a financial business.
- Proficiency with Microsoft Suite

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