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Creative Director / Art


Expat Job

Creative Director / Art


$ 8400 to $ 8600 per month




July 4 2023

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Main responsibilities:

- Working with the aim of developing excellent strategic and innovative solutions to all our clients’ challenges in the market and communication area.
- Collaborating with the creative team for the purpose of developing our client deliverables’ vision while ensuring the effective communication of any challenge encountered during the fulfillment of such vision.
- Collaborating with all our team members and designers with the aim of ensuring the accuracy of our message content, branding and experiential platform adherence.
- Ensuring the integrity of our company by providing the expected creative resources for the team members as may be required.
- Making sure that the culture and environment are fostered in such a conducive manner for the development of creativity.
- Making sure that all champion processes and tools are understood, utilized or taught.
- Getting in touch with our clients by understanding and going for both cultural and trendy events.
- Making sure that all our works are donein an effective way why creating networks for idea, knowledge and resources sharing.
- Utilizing your story sharing skills to share the right story with our clients and teams at the right time and in the right context.
- Serving as the mentor for members of the creative team with the aim of exposing them to the intricacies of the work for the development of their career.
- Serving as one of the most trusted advisors and strategic partnersto all our main senior clients.
- Serving as the leader for the development of all our business strategies both for all our clients to bring about revenue growth.
- Working with the aim of generating ideas that would improve our trades and make us more successful
- Working in line with our clients’ objectives to bring about their satisfaction.


- A university degree in any relevant field is required while MA is preferred.
- A minimum of eight years experience in similar position in a marketing environment.
- Ability to present well and develop a team.
- A thorough knowledge of branding and the industrial trends coupled with the ability to fit into our clients’ business.
- A good understanding of the trendy technology.
- Ability to manage your time and beat deadlines while working on multiple projects.
- Ability to stay focused and account for results while communicating ideas.

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