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Creative Technology Director


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Creative Technology Director




December 16 2017

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Main responsibilities:

- Work with the aim of ensuring the conception, inspiration and the production of prototypes of ideas while working with Jack teams.
- Ensure the identification of external partners needed for prototyping as well as help the production and Design teams with prototypes as when practical and necessary.
- Assist with the design and documentation of all the programs and projects that we deliver to our customers.
- Help in the management of our technology partners.
- Learn about new trends and technologies in the market as well as ensure that you help others understand the opportunities of the market.
- Ensure innovation in the company through thetechnical background.
- Get our clients educated with the technology opportunities we have at hand while developing relationships with them.
- Participate in the coordination of focused pitches as well as develop anexcellent interface for user experience.
- Ensure the mentoring, coaching and teaching of the team members to ensure the right utilization of the opportunities at hand
- Redefine technology and push beyond your limit.


- A thorough understanding of the process of delivering excellent technology projects.
- Ability to understand different data opportunity provided by technology driven experiences.
- Ability to operate UX or IX.
- An excellent knowledge of technology and how it works.
- Ability to strategize and utilize opportunities at hand.
- Ability to work with some teams and present well.
- Skills in any three or more of the following:
• Development of native application.
• Ability to analyze data
• Ability to integrate mobile hardware like BLE, Accessory Port,etc. into your works.
• Ability to prototype electronically using 3D printing or laser cutting.
• Ability to use any of VR, MR, AR, NUI, Kinect or other machine vision technologies

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