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Creative Technology Lead


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Creative Technology Lead


$ 7000 to $ 7300 per month


Shanghai, CHINA


December 13 2018

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We seek an individual that will serve asour Creative Technology Lead to solve problems and seekcreative ways to bring lasting solutions to all known problems.

Main responsibilities:

- Ensuring that all ideas and findings are provided to bring about necessary solutions to all the hardware concepts and software with help from highly creative teams.
- Making sure that all local but remote projects are worked on with help from our creative technology team.
- Making sure that all code and other excellent solutions are worked on excellently.
- Training people to use our technology to ensure that technology is well implementedon the emerging platform.
ensuring that the teams of developers in the local R/GA network is well built and managed same goes to the one in the larger network.
- Ensuring that all performing architect applications are in line with either the client tech teams or other partners with the aim of driving project execution.
- Making sure that all innovative applications are well communicated directly to all our clients.


- A good understanding and experience in leading creative teams and using Agile Methodology.
- Solid background in the use of products or services with technology ecosystem in China.
- Ability to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript excellently while being able to ensure responsive layouts for the website.
- Ability and the experience to use Vanilla JS and other MVC frameworks.
- Ability to use different task runners to create bring about development in the company.
- Ability to use RESTful Web service or the Third Party APIs to improve our creativity as well as have a good understanding of the tactical fluency of the source control.
- At least five years of working experience in an engineering position of which two years of it is as a creative technologist.
- A university degree in Computer Science, Engineering, and any other field.

Preferred requirements:

- Ability to use Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other electronics starter kits.
- Experience with OpenFrameworks, Processing and any other creative coding framework.
- A good knowledge of modem backend technologies, IOS swift and Android SDK.
- Ability to write in aserver-side programming language.

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