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Credit Manager M/f


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Credit Manager M/f


$ 8300 to $ 8500 per month


Singapore, SINGAPORE


December 16 2017



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Our company, PERI, deals with the supply and manufacture of both formwork and scaffolding systems. It is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers in the world with about EUR 1,333 million as turnover in 2016. It also has its production facilities located near Ulm in Weissenhorn, Southern Germany. Our company, with over 8, 100 employees, sixty subsidiaries and more than 120 storage sites, is capable of providing extensive services to the customer all over. After its establishment in 1969, the company has continued to provide excellent services to our clients all over the world.

Main responsibilities:

- Ensure the execution of all our credit policies to ensure the minimisation of all bad debts for profit purposes.
- Encourage the assessment and investigation of credit risks of both our potential and existing clients.
- Make sure that all our customer data are updated.
- Develop and maintain the flow of information among the Sales Managers about customer accounts.
- Analyze all our credit notes and discounts given to our customers.
- Ensure the quick monitor of all our monthly balances as well as the issuance of accounts.
- Relate with our clients with the aim of providing the clarifications and details required as regards to the status of balances or invoice.
- Make allimportant disputed receivables clarified with the help of the Sales Manager.
- Work with the aim of tracking the aging accounts, payment received and ensuring the determination of the right actions to take at the most important time.
- Be responsable to identify all the necessary actions to improve DSO which is tracked.
- Maintain relationship with both our customer and have a goodknowledge of all necessary documentation.
- Carry out dunning process related functions with no exception to the preparation of reminder letters as to the company’s policy.
- Ensure the maintenance of the log book of dunning process.
- Planning the agenda for the monthly meetings held with General Manager of Sales, CFO and MD.
- Push forward payment plans for different clients in different financial difficulties for review and approval.
- Ensure the proposal of all actions which could make us climb from debt which is meant to be reviewed and approved by the MD office.
- Work in different duties as may be required.


- Work independently with little or no supervision.
- A flat hierarchy and strategic intelligence for an extended period.
- Opportunity to take on challenging projects in different intercultural and interdisciplinary teams.
- Work permit visa sponsored.


- Knowledge and experience in industrial collection and credit especially in the construction industry.
- A good understanding of the policies and procedures involved in credit management.
- A thorough knowledge of credit assessments and practices of credit insurance.
- A good understanding of the laws, policies, practices and legal processes involved in credit and business.
- Proficiency in Spreadsheets, administrative tools, and procedures.
- A good understanding of both accounting and finance at a fundamental level.
- Ability to analyze and organize your works as well as pay good attention to details.
- EU citizen desirable.

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