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Data Base Administrator


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Data Base Administrator


£ 7300 to £ 7500 per month




October 8 2021

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Our company looks forward to expanding its team and bring on passionate and highly talented people that can serve as the Senior Administrator for our Database. Such individual would be responsible for techs and must be intelligent and be able to mentor others.

The right person will be responsible for the accuracy and the integrity of all our data all over various systems and environments for the critical fulfillment of our mission. The right individual will assist in the provision of the right database for the development of new products and architecture design for new systems. You would also ensure the provision of support and the assistance of other members of the team in the delivery of their service to their various clients.


- Passion for everything related to data.
- Ability to solve problem using your analytical and logical reasoning skills
- Ability to communicate well with others and confidently explain complex concepts to them.
- Ability to meticulously deal with the system that you are responsible for.
- Ability toorganize activities around you and learn quickly.
- Ability to self-start activities and work with a team.
- Ability and willingness to question the current situations as may be necessary.


- Ensure the availability and integrity of IIL data across different systems and environments.
- Ensure the proper conformation of all databases across the systems.
- Ensure the timely resolution of any discovered issue which could be anadversary to the success of the company.

Main responsibilities:

- Perform activities relating to the management, deployment, and design of our database systems.
- Ensure the confidentiality of all our customer and IIL data in compliance with the policies and procedures of IIL.
- Ensure the monitoring and remediation of thesystem without going against the customer SLAs.
- Bring about the development and maintenance of installation backed up bydocuments as well as ensure the configuration and maintenance of all necessary procedures for the maintenance, backups, and patching of the systems as may be required by the company.
- Ensure the application of the best practices as may be applicable.

Skills and experience:

- Ability to make use of Percona Server, MySQL Replication, and Galera Clustering.
- Proficiency in the use of Linux Server administration and AWS.
- Ability to script using Python and Bash Scripting.


- Ability to cope with a lot of transactional database systems.
- Ability to deal with large data sets.

P.S. This project is a contractual position of 18 months for specific projects of which there is a possibility of being retained if all conditions are met.

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