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Data Scientist Lead / Supervisor


Expat Job

Data Scientist Lead / Supervisor


$ 7500 to $ 7700 per month


Singapore, SINGAPORE


March 31 2024

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Our company, Flowsweve is one of the most recognized world leaders in supplying pumps, valves, seals, and other automation and services to the gas, chemical, oil and other industries. Our company has over 18, 000 employees in over fifty-five countries which combine our global reach with a local presence.

Position Description:

You will be entitled to leading and directing all the R&D team to support the analytic development and the manufacturing of additive. Apart from this, upon appointment, you will be saddled with the function of designing and implementing all the necessary processes and layout for all the complex set as used. You will also be highly responsible for the development, coordination, and planning of various business case with internal and vendor teams. You will also be required to work on multiple projects as well as give periodic updates to the company. With your excellent communication and interpersonal skills to work across different areas and organization as well as participate indifferent lead teams. You would also be required to use your organizational skills as may be required to manage different projects at the same time.

Main requirements:

- Planning, directing and scheduling all the necessary works of IPS R&D team in Singapore.
- Working on different plans, design, and development of new applications as well as bringing about the enhancement of existing applications.
- Creating charters for all the necessary new technology as may be needed as well as aligning Product Development as neededto bring support to the product plans.
- Making different recommendations on both system and software strategies, maintenance,development, and support to bring about cost effective measurements which would meet budget or expected goals.
- Bringing about the development and maintenance of necessary plans as well as highlighting all the issues which require arecommendation to ensure the meeting of all the performance objectives.
- Developing all the new analytical methods and tools as may be required while contributing to data mining architectures, data analysis, and reporting methodology.
- Applying all the necessary quality assurance best practices by following data analysis and software projects.
- Ensuring change control as well as bringing about testing process for all the modifications to the application software and analytical models.
- Monitoring all the data mining system performance as well as implementing efficiency improvements.
- Leading in bringing about the necessary resolve in data mining performance issues.
- Leading and managing technology team to bring about ongoing performance, annual performance reviews, and recognition.


- A master degree in statistics, data science, computer science, Economics and another related discipline.
- At least five years’ experience in as a data scientist or software developer.
- At least three years’ experience in themanagerial role.
- Excellent knowledge of Machine learning software coupled with the knowledge of the development of software processes and tools.

Other Skills:

- Interpersonal skills coupled with the ability to communicate well while possessing leadership skills as well as the ability to build credibility and recommendations all over the levels in the company.
- Ability to analyze and solve problems as well as pay attention to details.
- Ability to prioritize, work on different projects and execute all the assigned deliverables.
- Ability to coordinate customer relationships with internal groups as well as solve issues through cross-functional coordination.
- Ability to serve as a team player in different but cross functional teams.
- Ability to communicate on different but highly complex findings and ideas in plain language.
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite couple with the ability to travel to thedifferent location on occasion.

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