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Department Manager, Sales Mgmt & Volume Planning


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Department Manager, Sales Mgmt & Volume Planning


$ 8200 to $ 8500 per month




August 25 2023

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Our company seeks an individual that will be responsible for the development and communication of strategies which is meant to forecast our productions plans as well as meet our targets. You will also be responsible for the US markets in which our commercial vehicles are through sales channels planning and forecast.

Main Responsibilities:

- Working to establish the vehicle data as regards to pricing, volume and other options that are necessary for the vehicle operating plans and the management of the brand.
- Making sure that plans relating to the production and sales of the products are made for the support of commercial vehicle targets.
- Making sure that the profit made are maximized from the maximum volume of the products while negotiating the vehicle production levels with our DAG for the purpose of meeting our laid down objectives.
- Making sure that the Kufri plans are well managed for the purpose of presenting a unified voice of volume plans.
- Making sure that the Executive Management are well informed as regards to key issues relating to the plans.
- Working with others to bring about the right production of the goods and its distribution.
- Making sure that development is facilitated with the aim of ensuring the implementations of the Regional Organisations’ plans.
- Making sure that strategies are developed with the aim of improving profitability and operations.
- Communicating the sales and the forecast of sales to the right areas in the company and other affiliated companies.
- Making sure that sales and other planning issues are well communicated with other departments.
- Working with the aim of planning and developing distribution and order processes among others that are unique to the model of vehicle and the dealers or customers at hand.


- A university degree preferably in marketing, communication or any other discipline with a minimum of ten years works experience.
- Knowledge and experience in the gathering of data for the purpose of identifying and establishing facts.
- Thorough knowledge of how to integrate data with other sources to solve complex situations.
- Experience in the conceptualisation and implementations of plans while organizeworkflows in the company.
- Excellent understanding of the Factors that influence the clients’ demands as regards to commercial vehicles as well as its market in the United States.
- A thorough knowledge of all the products produced by the company.
- Planning strategies and volume management skills as well as the ability to relate with colleagues from our parent company.
- Proficiency in computer is required.
- Ability to travel and work flexible.

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