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Digital Marketing Manager


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Digital Marketing Manager


$ 8700 to $ 9000 per month


Hong Kong, HONG KONG


December 16 2017

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Casetify seeks an individual that is highly talented and passionate in managing digital markets. The right individual will be responsible directly to the CEO of the company. The position is a highly challenging position which requires a good understanding of the company’s styles. This position will serve as one of the ambassadors of our company’s brand. Our company is specifically committed to making our consumer enjoy our services, and we expect contributions of the right to reflect on our success. Apart from this, the right person for the position will ensure the development and the improvement of our actions to exceed our financial goals. Traffic driving efficiency maximization through digital marketing and a host of others are the functions you would be involved with.\


- Ability to develop strategies for our growth and expansion through our marketing channels with no exclusion of organic search and a host of others.
- Ability to manage and oversee all SEO, web, email, social media and a host of others.
- Ability to motivate and lead all the team members to ensure that they work towards bringing about the necessary change.
- Ability to plan and execute highly creative but new strategies for expansion purposes.
- Ability to create strategies which will help retain customers and improve growth.
- Ability to work directly with different teams including tech and design for implementation purposes in a record time.


- A Bachelor degree coupled with at least six years experience in anad agency, data analytics, marketing, and ad specialist in different online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
- Ability tomotivateyourself for digital marketing and the development of our digital media with your good knowledge of internet, digital market, and digital technologies.
- Ability to work with high pressure as well as work in different facets of our organization.
- Analysis skills as well as a good understanding of our users’ problems.
- Ability to identify opportunities for the improvement of any problem that may be known to our products.
- Ability to tell stories well.

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