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Digital Marketing Manager - Rolls-royce Motor Cars


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Digital Marketing Manager - Rolls-royce Motor Cars




December 15 2017

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Creativity is the crux of a luxury automotive brand which is meant to satisfy the people regarding style and functions. It is a custom that any car our company makes have to reflect our brand, creativity, and passion for innovation. Your expertise is then needed. We are interested in continuing this framework and as a result of that needs a passionate person who can serve as the Digital Marketing Manager of our company. You will be responsible for the use of your passion and knowledge in ensuring the implementation and management of our social media strategy to bring about consistency in all our deals.

Main responsibilities:

- Ensure that all our needs regarding sales are met in line with our strategies by delivering the right and necessary digital marketing campaign to our table to bring about an improvement in our digital assets and materials.
- Make sure that our product communications with Rolls-Royce Motor dealer network are efficient and well delivered.
- Bring about either product or brand stories to support our brand or sales objectives.
- Ensure that all our customers are well satisfied effectively with all our products and digital prospects.
- Ensure a top notch planning and execution of all digital prospects in different areas of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and all its authorized dealers.
- Be responsible for the management of both the website and social media processes that are involved in the production of the various parts of the cars and its dealer while ensuring the implementation of the best practices and world class policies.
- Bring about the management and execution of all projects to ensure the delivery of projects in time and based on the budget at hand.
- Be responsible for the motivation and management of all digital agencies to bring about the completion of all projects in time
- Be responsible for the monitoring and control of the expenditure of both the team and agency for result maximization and ROI report.
- Ensure the monitoring and report of our metrics to bring about the formulation of recommendations for excellent management.

Qualifications and Experience:

- Experience in Digital Marketing field is it social media, digital development and a host of others.
- Experience in the management of contents.
- A university degree in Business or Marketing or its equivalent.
- Ability and experience in managing objective setting and management.
- Ability to analyze and make reports on campaigns.
- Ability to bring about innovative ideas that are creative and analytical.
- Ability to organize well and plan your budget with no exception to the ability to pay a very good attention to details.
- Awarenessof international culture with excellent knowledge of the industry.
- Ability to stay motivated, multi-task and develop networks with people using your diplomacy

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