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Director, Corporate Accounts


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Director, Corporate Accounts




November 21 2017



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Main responibilities:

- Ensure that our account strategies irrespective of its length in term is developed and executed accordingly.
- Be responsible for the constant improvement of the cost effectiveness of the company to reduce our cost and improve the profit.
- Be responsible for the analysis of our future potential as well as ensure that we meet our financial goals and strategies.
- Be reponssible for the knowledge of the market, the changes, the improvement and the trendy issues for the purpose of strategizing.
- Be proactive in the development and implementation of all plans needed for the meeting of all our epectations.
- Be responsible for the compliance of our contracts with the necessary standard.
- Be responsible for the communication of the relationship between the performance of our revenue and our plan for our target account.
- Ensure the effectiveness of communication between us and our stakeholders for the purpoe of ensuring that our relationships with them are developed tremendously well.
- Be responsible for the development of the implementation plans for the accounts of our messaging, pricing or clinical initiatives.
- Be responsible for the coordination and conduct of reviews on our business regularly as well as ensuring that you bring about consistent delivery with each of the strategic partners.
- Relate with a host of individuals for the purpose of ensuring the meeting of the customers’ expectation in terms of sales as well as ensure that you provide product sale support.
- Be repsonisble for the initiation and completion of all term and conditions, negotiations and a host of technicalities required for the purpose of performing some functions to meet the laid down agreement.
- Provide suggestions needed to bring about the necessary upgrade required to the internal systems for the attainment of business goals.
- Perform cross-functional roles in different department like legal, compliance and regulatory.
- Build and maintain long term relationships with the relevant individuals as stipulated.


- A university degree in either business or healthcare related discipline is required while MBA is desired.
- At least eight intensive years of experience in the management of account in the biologics industry.
- At least three years of experience in the management of direct or sales.
- At least two years of experience in the management of accounts (key, strategic or national)
- Ability to build and maintain the necessary relationships required for strategic growth in sales and marketing with several top executives in the industry.
- Ability to develop strategies which would be useful for the commercialisation of new products.
- Ability to understand the factors that influence the buyer’s needs and understand what the seller really wants.
- UK citizen is preferable while at least 20 to 25% of your time is required for traveling.

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