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Director Of Community Development - Alumni, Fundraising, Admissions, Marketing And Communications


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Director Of Community Development - Alumni, Fundraising, Admissions, Marketing And Communications


$ 7500 to $ 7700 per month




January 20 2018



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Main responsibilities:

- Advancement:
• Be responsible for the development of the database and alumni program of the school to ensure that all the alumni are well connected.
• Improve the donation made to the company by ensuring that the advancement program is well developed.
- Admission:
• Oversee the admission process by providing the necessary support.
• Develop the strategies to improve the numbers of qualified students that we admit into the school.
• Collaborate with the International and National offices as regards to the admission process.
• Analyze the admission data and bring about the best approach to admit the best students according to our business strategies.
- Marketing and Communications
• Coordinate the functions performed by the Communications and Marketing Manager.
• Put UWC Thailand in a good light by utilizing the best tools at hand.
• Collaborate with the necessary teams to make sure that the school communicates its strategies efficiently.
• Develop the best market approach to fulfill our business plans through communications and other marketing channels.
• Portray our school in a good light by ensuring that the KPIs and business communication plansare well implemented.
• Ensure that the UWC objectives are followed.
- Community Involvement
• Meet with Volunteers and the Parent Support committees on a regular basis.
• Ensure that School events are well planned and implemented.
• Inform our partners as to the latest development of the school by working with Thanyapura.
• Always represent the school at the community events while you improve the school’s brand online.
• Be responsible for the school communication channels including newsletters, social media channels among others.
- Media Relations
• Maintain a strong relationship with all the news sources both nationally and locally.
• Update the International office as regards to the latest development in the school while you also take part in the UWC international meetings.
• Be on the lookout for new opportunities to bank on.
- Finance:
• Develop the annual development budget for the school with the help of the Budget Supervisor and other teams as appropriate.
• Manage the finance to ensure that the money allocated is not exceeded.

Required Qualifications:

- A university degree plus experience in any relevant but similar field
- Commitmentto UCW’s vision, objective, philosophy, and values.
- A creative and strategic thinker who can impact on the school positively.
- Ability to relate with the school’s stakeholders (student, staff, and parent) effectively.
- Mentorship and leadership skills.
- Bilingual in English, fluent in Thai is a plus.
- Interpersonal and listening skills coupled with cultural sensitivity.
- Proficient with Microsoft Office and other technology.
- Compassionate, honest and highly trustworthy.
- An approachable and empathetic individual that is optimistic.

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