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Director Of Pricing


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Director Of Pricing


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September 11 2021

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We seek an individual that will play a pivotal role in the successful transition of our business model to cloud and subscription in line with the current practice of both FireEye and technology market. You will be responsible for the development of our strategic pricing necessary for ensuring the shift needed in the pricing of our portfolio projects. You will also perform other functions relating to the strategical pricing while capturing the share of wallet from our customers.

You will also be responsible for performing all functions relating to the management of products, finance, and sales which are necessary to refine the corporate pricing strategy in line with the company’s financial strategy and approaches.

Main responsibilities:

- Setting the business models that would help in the monetization of our product while serving as an arbiter for the development of new products.
- Collaborating with both the strategy and sale teams for the purpose of bringing an agreement between the business models and pricing, and the aspirations of each customer's sector.
- Bringing about pricing approaches which push our customer behaviors into an alignment with the strategy of the company through long term strategies.
- Aligning the pricing and packaging of our products with the trendy shifts based on the futuristic approaches followed by our company.
- Reviewing all the prices of all our product lines based on certain requirements for the purpose of bringing about consistency and performance across the form factors.
- Serving as the leader of the company pricing committee with the aim of reviewing the proposed prices for each of the newly introduced products.
- Working with the aim of ensuring the management of all products including the individual products to bring about the alignment of established business models with the product family performance tiers.
- Making sure that all our discount guidelines and other channels are put into operations based on the pricing.
- Assessing the need for the development of localized price books as may be necessary.


- At least ten years relevant working experience in a similar position.
- Experience in the management of pricing for all our portfolio products and other cost-based pricing.
- Ability to ensure the translation of assumptions relating to pricing and volume based on thefinancial model.
- A good understanding of pricings relating to different routes to market.

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