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Director - Syndicated Data Management & Analytics


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Director - Syndicated Data Management & Analytics


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September 23 2021

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A Director in Syndicated Data Management and Analytics is needed significantly to help in the transformation of Global Analytic Insights in relation to Syndicated information from an aggregate of several countries with diverse needs of data and limited operational alignment to a more Globally aligned organization that would establish and institutionalize the operational best practice and information Strategy

Main responsibilities:

- Leading the team that would optimize the reporting of market performance, owning the syndicated relationships of data vendors, resolving syndicated issues of data, developing or managing technological solutions and managing relationships with FP&A to deliver data for corporate scorecards and other requests that are miscellaneous
- Building relationships with the IT and other external analytic vendors to create capabilities of the of the next practice analytics such as advanced modeling, simulators, predictive analytic engines and big data initiatives, and building new capabilities as solutions to big problems of the business
- Working with the local markets to identify optimal levels of information spends to increase ROI, identifying the opportunities to rationalize spending so as to ensure that the strategic growth countries have the most efficient and effective information spends, and leading this process annually to ensure that the level of spending desired is sustained. The candidate would provide consultations and executing actions once aligned
- Institutionalizing the process of Data Quality in the countries, they are identified with, ensuring that the processes are understood and aligned to by the Sector, Region or Country Insight personnel, working with local insight teams to align and provide simple explanatory communication to the level of the Executive. The candidate is to make decisions and execute plans in a complex matrixes environment
- Leading processes with Nielsen to enhance the quality process continually by identifying other key metrics and data sources in countries that are extremely data volatile, statistically working in the use of external information such as ex: Canadean, to help the project Nielsen Share as a verification of all reported numbers. The candidate would provide consultation to information vendors and align management
- Identifying and sharing the PepsiCo view (Internal Nielsen Reporting Platform) Global best practices, assisting in the development and deployment of the survey to help in the identification of the opportunities for enhancements and the gauge usefulness of tools and information. The candidate is to consult to be able to identify and align the organizational opportunities to enhance the use effectively and efficiently
- Leading the alignment of the Nutrition database during the ‘’feasibility stage’’ for the Top 8 identified markets, leading the expansion of the Top 19 markets whenever they are authorized, and developing key reports of the Executive Nutrition for the system of the PepsiCo view
- Working with the IT of PepsiCo closely and help in managing the design, development, and implementation of an “in-house” system that could replace the present web-based access tool with an internal capability that is more affordable. This requires the candidate to have a deep knowledge of systems and information so as to be able to identify the key voids in the system and to make practically strategic recommendations and to make a consultant approach in a complex matrixed organization


- Expertise in syndicated data prior success in a syndicated data management or analytics
- Ability to develop, sell, and drive the best practice and ways of working to elevate the functional impact broader
- An individual with stamina, with evidence by a track record of results of driving in complex, multi-stakeholder, volatile, and uncertain environments
- Good communication skills, with the ability to educate and influence the management and staff to act in the shareholders and internal clients’ best interest orally and verbally
- Ability to communicate and manage relationships with cross-functional teams, preferably business leaders, to elevate the functions’ strategic impact
- A managerially competent individual, with a track record of identifying, attracting, and developing a professional that is highly motivated and with successful insights who has built a success record of success
- The candidate must be able to motivate the staff and create an ethic of high performance among their subordinates and their ability to succeed as a team
- An individual with a Global savoir-faire from working previously or being responsible for influenced decisions beyond North America, and is sensitive and responsive to social and cultural differences
- A deep, broad, and current experience in customer packaged goods
- Appropriate awareness and understanding to leverage and prioritize the different trends and influences effectively in the space
- A progressive thought leadership and commercial implementation, with a record of developing and delivering successful consumer products insights of high impact
- Ability to transition easily from recommendations based on insight to a practical and tactical implementation

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