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Emi Senior Manager


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Emi Senior Manager


$ 6700 to $ 7000 per month




October 7 2021

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Main responsibilities:
- Satisfy our clients’ objectives with the aim of establishing and improving our business relationships.
- Develop and maintain excellent relationships through your consistent understanding and meeting of the clients’ requirements.
- Establish and manage relationships with all our peers, managers and teams.
- Provide the required assistance needed for the improvement of the company’s delivery capacity.
- Oversee and ensure that the company’s projects are effectively financed.
- Be responsible for the preparation and management of the cost-center budget.
- Provide a user-friendly platform that is cost effective and adaptable.
- Avoid any sanction imposed on the company by any third party agency.
- Improve the efficiency of our team every month in line with the set departmental strategies and goals.
- Meet all the goals that are required to improve and transform our business into a world class one.
- Be involved in the exercise that is required to select and recruit new senior staff.
- Provide necessary support in the transformation of the company’s culture by embracing the best business strategy, culture initiatives among others.
- Closely monitor the progress made regarding theprofessional and personal development of all our team members.
- Address and improve all the issues that have been raised in the culture survey for the betterment of the company.
- Embrace the culture that focuses on the clients with the aim of delivering the best services that our customers will be satisfied with.
- Assist the right team with the necessary steps required to improve the business optimization as well as bring about excellence regarding thebusiness operation.
- Encourage and ginger the team into bringing about innovative and creative ideas to develop the business.
- Improve the company’s efficiency while you ensure that you meet all the targets set.
- Implement and standardize the delivery processes required for the effective implementation of the best delivery services.
- Make sure that the company is on point with the set-out compliance and risk goals.
- Oversee the performance of all our employees while ensuring that the company’s vision or mission is well implemented.
- Create a conducive environment for all the workers to perform effectively.
- Keep all the staff informed about any decision you make while you motivate our staff in taking the necessary actions for the success of our business.
- Organise the profession and career discussions by utilizing the best principles and strategies for the development of our talent pools and retention.

- At least grade 12 certification
- Relevant qualification from an accredited university.

- Excellent Marketing, Finance, and Analytics knowledge.
- Experience in the management of people for a minimum of four years.
- Ability to relate with people around you especially in the financial industry.
- Must be highly successful with the company’s marketing campaigns.
- Interpersonal, networking and communication skills.
- An excellent and acute relationship builder.
- Knowledge of software such as SAS, MSCRM and so on.

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