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December 7 2018

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We seek an individual to serve as our AMSS Engineer that will be saddled with the responsibilities of analyzing and identifying the causes of pump system failure. The right person will also be responsible for the provision of technical and communication support to our company. Moreover, you must be able to analyze any problem that might result from the use of the instrument. You must also be able to report to the AMSS South Cone Manager and ensure the maintenance of the interface of the central market. You will also need to have excellent relationships with all our customers and be able to travel for at least fifty percent of your time.


- Ability to provide excellent support for our technology team.
- Ability to help in the promotion of AMSS technology and applications.
- Ability to ensure the provision of assistance for our consultancy services for the identification and solution of pumps.
- Ability to analyze the performance of our pump or system.
- Ability to inspect all the pump elements for the purpose of understanding its performance by helping the Support Service Centers.
- Ability to ensure the development of detailed Engineering designs as well as ensure that all historical design files are updated.
- Making sure that Central Technical Services Team and other teams interact as may be required for the main purpose of finding solutions to any pump problem.
- Ability to provide professional assessment reports on either the pump or system.
- Ability to ensure the solving of problems related to equipment through the development of workscopes.
- Ability to ensure the provision of technical seminars to local AMSS officials and other customers.


- A Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering or its Equivalent degree in Engineering.
- Ability to motivate other people to work as well as ensure the recognition of all equipment and opportunities.
- Ability to sell goods and being technical.
- Ability to relate with people and maintain an optimum communication with other customers.
- Ability to ensure the production of all necessary professional, concise and accurate proposals and reports.
- Ability to provide excellent but realistic economic conclusions and recommendations that are based on sound engineering practices.
- Ability to work within a team.
- Ability to speak well a top notch English language.

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