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Executive Director, Business Transformation


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Executive Director, Business Transformation


€ 6500 to € 6900 per month




April 2 2024

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Our company seeks an individual who will serve as the leader of R/GA’s business transformation practice all over Germany. The right individual must be an excellent individual who is always ready to collaborate, pursue and lead entrepreneurial ideas.Moreover, the right person will be responsible for the management of the capability’s Talent and Operation, and the Quality bars of its output. You will be required to relate with different people internally and externally by representing the company. MOrreovver, you must be able to define the meaning of BT in the German context while taking on different other business leaders, consultants and creatives to bring about more opportunities for the company. The right individual required by the company must be able to give out stuff from his creative and curious mind with thekeen expertise to enable the creation of big aspirational ideas.

Main responsibilities:

-Determining the Unique approach of R/GA to Business Transformation in Germany by shaping the Global Business Transformation team’s strategy and vision.
-Standing as the owner of the market BT strategy while doubling as a partner of the Executive Potential Clients.
-Ensuring the growth of the business with existing clients while partnering with the Local R/GA teams.
-Ensuring the identification of the whitespace for innovative ideas and solutions for R/GA’s Business transformation clients.
-Working as the main and most strategic partner to the Most Senior Clients across the portfolio brands as well as using a variety of tools for the purpose of uncovering insights with no exclusion.
-Writing different actionable but business strategies which are garnished with excellent commercial expertise and creative thinking.
-Establishing client artifacts and presentations coupled with the delivery of aplomb as well as having a good understanding of the client and consumer.
-Making sure that all opportunities provided to our customer and clients internally are quantified.
-Having an insight into the ideas which can catapult the transformation agenda of a particular product or category.
-Guiding team members to a various range of expertise including consumer research expertise, brand design among others.
-Having a good understanding on a continuous basis about disruptive industries, business trends, and other consumer interest.
-Providing all the necessary thought leadership to help the clients in their agenda while working with the internal Business Transformation and R/GA teams.
-Leveraging all the R/GA global network of talent across creative experience, technology and other diverse portfolios of service to impact on our clients’ business positively.
-Working with the local executive management teams, MD and EMEA for the purpose of guiding the process to uncover different opportunities for our BT client’sR/GA’s connected products, services, and communications offerings
-Mentoring, guiding and leading the wider Business Transformation team exceptionally.


-Knowledge of all the craft and corporate guide strategy without being trapped by linear thinking based on norms or paradigms.
-The desire to analyze and unpack business model mechanics while seeking relevant but essential innovations that our clients will enjoy.
-Ability to listen well and ask the right question to get the hidden insight.
-A good client service ability with excellent presentation and delivery skills.
-Ability to work with people, collaborate and lead them in an optimistic but inventive manner.
-A curious and highly creative mind with an excellent business and commercial sense.
-Ability to work with different strategist, consultants and technologists excellently to bring about an excellent transformation.
-Ability to integrate and learn from diverse skills for the purpose of catapulting our company to the top.
-Ability to inspire teams and educate them without condescending any thought coupled with leadership and management experience.

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