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Financial Analyst


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Financial Analyst


Nicosia, CYPRUS


January 20 2018

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Our company seeks an intelligent individual to serve as the Financial Analyst for its office in Cyprus.

Job description:

- Work within a corporate development team to grow our firm based on its plans.
- Participate actively in all necessary activities which may include investment opportunities identification, valuations and modeling, portfolio monitoring and a host of others.
- Skilled in the collection, analysis, and management of all quantitative data using the right models and analysis at hand to ensure the firm’s corporate development

Main responsibilities:

- Ensure the necessary diligence required for potential investments by participating or leading all the necessary activities.
- Participate in the preparation of the financial analysis to serve as a support for the firm’s due diligence when it comes to investment purposes.
- Analyze all the strategy of the firms and ensure success regarding the record in finances and plans based on the laid out plans, strategies and brand policies.
- Ensure the analysis of the root or core issues using the available data.
- Ensure the preparation of slides and memos for presentation to ensure the corporate development of the company concerning new products and markets.


- A Bachelor degree in Economics, Accounting, Business and other similar disciplines.
- At least one year of relevant experience in analysis of plans, and financial results using the available reporting tools.
- Proficiency in Excel as well as an acumen to analyze and ensure budgeting.
- Ability to solve problems and ensure the analysis of the cause of a particular issue.
- A good experience with tools for large scale data mining and reporting.
- Ability to provide solutions and ensure the management of strategies.
- Ability to work with priorities as well as meet the deadlines given.
- Ability to analyze issues and pay attention to details.
- Excellent business sense coupled with the ability to manage innovative and creative ideas and solutions.
- Ability and experience in the management of deadlines, priorities and result achievement in a highly effective environment.
- Ability to communicate effectively with people around you and your seniors.
- Ability to open international offices and travel abroad.

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