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Financial Counselor


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Financial Counselor


$ 7700 to $ 7900 per month




February 21 2018

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Our company seeks an individual who is good with finances to excellently manage our customer service and ensure that all disputes as to accounts that are brought before you are resolved. You will also be saddled with the main responsibility of ensuring the establishment of different agreements as regards to payment as well as charity care promptly.

Main responsibilities:

- Making sure that all customer inquiries are answered to and specifically related to promptly to the satisfaction of the customer.
- Making sure that all the necessary individuals are communicated with for the purpose of solving any problems as well as documenting information.
- Making sure that all the patient’s issue resolution is well tracked and documented within a day.
- Making sure that all the incoming calls are courteously collated, tracked and ensured promptly.
- Making sure that all issues are resolved within a day in line with the patients’ satisfaction as well as ensure the assistance of customers.
- Making sure that all account errors or matters relating to the account are well maintained for the purpose of keeping our patients’ informed about the disposition of our accounts.
- Working accurately and effectively with the aim of ensuring the correction of any issues, problems or errors relating to our account.
- Making sure that all the account balances that are meant for the patients are collected, instalment payment could be accepted through different methods in line with the policies and procedures of PFS.
- Making sure that our sheets of appointments are well managed, identified and corrected.
- Making sure that all the necessary plans and contracts with our clients are maintained and respected.
- Ability to ensure the implementation of our charity care program for all the eligible patients in line with CCF guidelines.
- Making sure that the members of the Support team are well collaborated with to provide instruction and guidance for the completion of different projects based on the direction of the supervisors.
- Making sure that good suggestions are provided for the purpose of making sure that our company is very effective.
- Making sure that new ideas are created while areas which require concerns are communicated to the supervisors, compliance officer of the Department Director for immediate correction.
- Making sure that other duties as assigned are performed.


- Associate Degree in any marketing or communication-related field or a two years experience as asubstitute.
- Thorough knowledge in the use of our patients’ accounts as well as a goodknowledge third party users.
- Ability to maintain excellent etiquette as a professional.
- Ability to code and utilise our manuals insurance verification.
- At least four years experience in any related field is preferable.
- Excelelnt experience as a customer service contact.

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