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Head Of Content


£ 5500 to £ 6200 per month




September 30 2021

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Main responsibilities:

The responsibilities of the Head of Content in our company are in different categories which are as follows:

- Strategic:

• Being heavily involved in the development of content strategy and campaign ideas in response to clients briefing as well as playing a central role in pitching to win works while building excellent working relationships with the clients on a continuous basis.
• Being responsible for the ongoing development and delivery of the content production and distribution strategy for all existing clients.
• Shaping our content offer to make us more competitive in the market.
• Identifying the opportunities that will grow our revenue through better content services for our clients.
- Management:
• Ensuring the compliance of the team output with the client expectations and budget.
• Providing leadership and direction for your team of content specialists who are currently five in number.
• Managing team performance to ensure the meeting of the business contribution targets.
• Keeping sales teams, editorial teams, publishers and directors up-to-speed with market developments and the impact on our business.
• Coordinating the daily team activities which include but not limited to outreach, research, content creation, technical SEO, and related.

- Content:

• Leading by example through standards, systems and best practices in both human and technological approach to content creation, distribution, maintenance, content retrieval and repurposing with no exclusion to the real-time implementation of content strategies.
• Working with clients to set and measure content and marketing goals to bring about the alignment of the creative concepts to strategy.
• Leveraging market data to develop content topics or themes as well as executing a plan for the development of the asset that will reach customers that lead to critical behavioral metrics.
• Establishing workflow for requesting, editing, publishing, creating and retiring content.
• Working with user experience and data or analytics specialist to gauge the content effectiveness as well as making recommendations based on these insights.
• Demonstrating brilliance on a continual basis in marketing content through the adaptation of changing nature of the industry with relevant practices that aligned with technical innovation as tools e.g. Google changing its algorithm.

Essential skills and experience:

- Excellent understanding of the fabric of the web as well as the ability to utilize distribution models which have a direct impact across multiple channels.
- Significant experience in direct marketing in a content environment with an in-depth understanding of channels and new technology opportunities.
- A good understanding of how to best optimize content to engage and attract users.
- Ability to research and use industry leading tools and demonstrations to add values to the company.
- Fluency in web analytics tools like Google Analytics and social media marketing applications like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc. as well as leading social media monitoring platforms.
- Experience in the creation of a resource or library of organized content which indicates SEO, translation and version control
- Excellent communication and presentation skills as well as the ability to engage clients and code at a senior level.
- Experience in the management of team as well as the possession of natural leadership skills/
- Willingness to embrace and lead change as well as adapting to strategies on the fly.

Desired skills and experience:

- Ability to create presentations using the brand and customer storytelling method.
- Ability to analyze and evaluate information architecture as well as proposing improvements using user-centred methods.
- An excellent technical understanding of web platforms and publishing workflows

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