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Head Of Finance


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Head Of Finance


$ 7800 to $ 8500 per month


Savli, INDIA


November 21 2017

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We seek an intelligent and excellent individual to serve as the Head of Finance for our company.

Main responsibilities:

-Country Financials:
•Ensuring the accuracy of the country’s financial information ranging from the actual performance, budget, forecast, strategic order intake and cash generation among others with no exclusion to other statutory or group requirements.
•Ensuring the prompt delivery of necessary information to the various stakeholders which include corporate, group, division, local management, etc.
•Signing off legal entity reports e.g. actual, forecast, and budget.
•Monitoring and implementing the agreed FSSC roadmap for the designated country to progressively migrate all the country A&R transactional activities to the FSSC platform.
•Participating in local reviews of all country and areas based projects to ensure the accurate reflection of all known opportunities and risks
•Ensuring the transparency of financial situation to India management with no exclusion to current status and other alternative scenarios.
•Preparing and presenting all the relevant monthly reports to Local Divisional Management.
-Stakeholder Management:
•Identifying all the key stakeholdersas well as ensuring the development of the Finance “Communication Tool” in an effective manner.
•Maintaining all the necessary tools for the key stakeholders to make use for direct reporting.
•Managing all issues which arise from the deployment and the use of the Finance Communication tools.
•Ensuring that the Finances SLA, OLA and KPI deliverables are fully understood byall the key stakeholders.
•Building and maintaining strong liaison with the FSSC, business controlling and non-finance business community to make sure that performance issues amongpromptly.


-Coordinating quarterly or on a yearly basis, E&Y audits to ensure that no SADs are listed.
-Participating on when needed in all country or area based projects for the purpose of supporting division in ensuring that financials are accurately done to reflect known risks and opportunities.
-Serving as the referee of the Finance community by ensuring the compliance of all the necessary statutory and company requirements.
-Ensuring the adequate control of exists to ensure that they meet the Ontario Security Commission Act and other local statutory Act.

Budget, Forecast or Process Improvement:

-Participating in the coordination of budget and forecast.
-Planning Order intake, Sales and Cost of the projects portfolio for the purpose of monitoring business developments.
-Supporting the preparation of Capital Asset Acquisition Requests
-Preparing all business cases and make-or-buy calculations

People & Organization:

-Managing the Finance team for the purpose of ensuring the adequate recruitment, retention, and backup of resources.
-Being responsible for the retention, recruitment, and training of all Country Finance.
-Taking all responsibility to ensure the timely completion of all PMPs and associated recommendations for individual training and development plans.
-Participating in legal entity statutory boards as may be required as well as getting involved in SAP, systems information and Cross Regional or Group initiatives.

Qualification & Experience:

-A minimum of fifteen years of experience as a CA.
-Experience in general finance and accounting as well as Finance Processes and System.
-Local GAAP knowledge, Audit and Tax accounting.
-Literacy in Microsoft Office tools and SAP.
-Knowledge of Canadian Accounting Standards coupled with long term contract accounting –
-Knowledge of Canadian Accounting Standards coupled with the knowledge of Long term contract accounting.
-Experience in similar responsibility while working in an international environment.
-Competency with Microsoft Office and ERP systems.

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