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Head Of Production


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November 21 2018

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Hannoi Head Office is currently seeking a Head of Production which is going to be filled immediately with the selected qualified candidate.

Main responsibilities:

The main responsibilities are divided into different categories which include:
- Establishment and implementation of Strategy and Production Vision.
• Establishing and implementing a global production strategy as well as sharing and communicating the strategy and production vision.
• Maintaining and developing the consistency between all the five production department in each destination regarding product development.
- Management:
• Supervising and managing teams in all the five destinations.
• Monitoring the work performance of the staff, support as well as training the staff and ensuring conduct evaluations reviews.
- Communications:
• Maintaining effective communication between departments of the company including marketing, operation, quality, sales among others.
- Quality:
• Encouraging improvement in the production department.
• Finding efficient tools to follow up on production development of Easia Travel.

Key requirements:

- Ability to interact well with people with tact and motivation.
- Awareness of the market as well as the ability to organize, multitask and make decisions with a lot of determination.
- Ability to assign responsibilities to staff as well as being good at delegating and meeting deadlines.
- Excellent communications skills in both written and spoken English.
- Ability to work independently with a deep knowledge of South East Asia.
- Ability to work with a lot of flexibility as well as travel for up to fifteen consecutive days.
- Excellent knowledge of Tour Agencies and Tour Operators' operating system as well as expectations regarding their local DMC.
- A good understanding of the needs and challenges of product development in a DMC with a minimum of seven years experience in a managerial position.

Other requirements:

- A foreigner or an individual of Vietnamese nationality with an open-mind. Foreigner or Vietnamese nationality.
- Ability to work independently with a lot of creativity and a good sense of product’s evaluation.
- A similar experience in Vietnam or any other South East Asia country is highly preferable.
- Pleasant personality with a positive attitude is highly required.

Working condition:

- A minimum of three-year working contract.

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