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Head Of Restaurant Operations


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Head Of Restaurant Operations


£ 7800 to £ 8000 per month




November 20 2017

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Creativity rules the world, and this is what we, at Deliveroo, strives for. Our mission is to bring about an innovative way to which the world will think about food delivery. Thus, food is no more necessarily required to be served on thesofa. You need to break the rules and embrace innovations that are interesting. With our four years experience, our team has taken into consideration several ideas to bring about innovative food delivery. Thus, we have several editions (including Deliveroo Editions) of which you can choose to relax and get your food delivered toan interesting location. Our aim is to ensure that our customers have great access to our food irrespective of their location. Our company has no compromise of food quality and provide creative ideas to serve the customers better.

Currently, there is an opening for the position of the Head of Restaurant Operations for an individual who can handle the operational efficiency of our partners as well as develop and maintain our relationships with all our partners at the restaurant.

Main responsibilities:

- Ensure the coordination of one of our teams of associates for success purpose.
- Develop and relate with most of our biggest restaurant collaborators on our behalf.
- Oversee the method of improving the operational efficacy of the company.
- Liaise with the team that oversees the account to ensure their use of the right tools and infrastructures for their success.


- Industrial experience coupled with operational experience is ideal.
- At least five years of relevant experience.
- Ability to manage topnotch relationships with skilled individuals in the world of cooking.
- Ability to analyze data and infuse the data into our business.
- Ability to bring about the growth of all consumer related start-ups will be a plus.
- Ability and experience in working with changing but unique companies.


- The benefit of impacting immensely on the company’s evolution.
- Ability to work with people on a daily basis
- A subsidized gym membership at one of the best local gyms in our company’s area.
- The opportunity of getting Friday lunches from our restaurant collaborators and other sample tastings from aregular restaurant.
- The opportunity of learning how to package products in a marketplace manner with competitive style.
- Free food for all employees.

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