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Health And Safety Manager


Expat Job

Health And Safety Manager


Turgi, Aargau, SWITZERLAND


February 8 2024

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Our company seeks an individual that is highly motivated and sensitive to details to ensure the development of both positive and proactive occupational health and safety culture in line with the policies, legal and internal requirements of ABB.

Main duties:

- Develop, implement, improve and maintain all programs and culture related to Location Specific Health & Safety and security with the help of a team of professionals in line with all the requirements and risk.
- Work to establish all the specific H&S standards like LBU/LPG.
- Work to bring about the necessary audits, training, and support for the growth of the business.
- Work with the aim of ensuring the OHSAS 18001 (future: ISO 45001) 3rd party certification of all our integrated management system operations on the site.
- Collaborate with all the necessary stakeholders with the aim of reporting, raising awareness and gaining commitment to either BU’s or ABB’s H&S efforts and performance.
- Obtain all objective feedbacks about our operations.
- Work alongside with various business partners to bring about an improvement in both the Security and H&S performance.


- A degree from an accredited university or an equivalent technical background.
- Occupational health and safety education as Safety Engineer, UK NEBOSH, CH EKAS or any other similar field is compulsory.
- A minimum of eight years working experience in any international environment related to business especially production environment
- Demonstrated experience in developing and overseeing intercultural groups or teams.
- Ability to communicate well and adjust communication skills to suit thedifferent level of organization.
- Ability to cope with ambiguity or stress.
- Ability to speak English and German fluently is essential.

Additional information:

Teams in our company are highly motivated and good when it comes to communication. You would have the opportunity to learn from the team members things ranging from practice-oriented introduction program and a host of others. You would also have the opportunity to get the necessary confidence which is required for independent work within any area assigned to you. With ABB, opportunities abound for personal development after introduction period which is aimed at improving your career goals and skills. You would also enjoy development programs which will ensure that you meet all your targeted training for continuous skills enhancement.

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