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Hris Technical Project Manager


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Hris Technical Project Manager


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September 29 2021

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Our company which has its headquarters in Geneva seeks to recruit an intelligent and very experienced individual that is capable of acting in all capacity as the HRIS Technical Project Manager of the company. Such individual will become a member of a global group which has its presence in over four continents with the aim of shaping the future of our company and HR.

Main responsibilities:

- Bringing out the necessary difference for our company to edge past its competitors through the creation of your proactive team who will be involved in making decisions.
- Making sure that all our HRIS skills are developed with truthfulness, straighforwardness, and creativity.
- Exposing our companies to the global environment by handling all the multiple but complex processes and structures which come from the seventy-five hotels that are meant to be analyzed for harmonization.
- Get experience in two industries at once (Hospitality & Luxury) and work in a city reputed for its excellent life quality.
- Managing all our projects with the aim of implementing and deploying our Oracle Fusion HCM cloud for our activities at theglobal level.
- Developing and implementing all the necessary deployment roadmap in collaboration with HRIS Global Head.
- Having a good knowledge of the strategical impact of all our projects based on the Kempinski hotels’ rich diversity
- Limiting all our deployment approaches to ensure that they fit the hotel’s culture.
- Serving as the leader and coordinator of both internal and external team of a minimum of four people.
- Working with the aim of managing and monitoring all the risks related to the business.
- Implementing and deploying all our frameworks and methodologies related to project management.
- Taking part in all the meetings related to the management and governance of projects.
- Working with the aim of coordinating all the deployment activities for leverage meant purposes all over the regions and within the country


- A university degree or its equivalent in Computer information system or business management.
- At least five years working experience in HR information system, deployment, and industrial architecture sector.
- Proficiency in the use of Oracle Fusion HCM and Taleo as well as other tools for reporting as may be required.
- Working experience in themuti-locational company is required.
- Ability to lead and perform different works independently.
- Ability to manage projects excellently and ensure the right training of our staff.
- Ability to strike a balance between diplomacy and firmness
- Ability to communicate well in English while other languages like Chinese is a plus.
- Ability to relate with other people well and write in English excellently.
- Ability to analyze different problems using your initiative.
- Proficiency with the organization and structure of our business to ensure the prioritization of our activities.
- Coordinating, motivating and building the necessary trust for our business.
- Making sure that confidentiality is followed while working.
- Ability to act and make decisions promptly.

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