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Human Resources Project Manager


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Human Resources Project Manager


$ 8500 to $ 8700 per month




September 15 2021

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Main responsibilities:

- Working with the aim of ensuring the development of our communication, and project plans that are meant for the assigned HR Projects.
- Making sure that all compensation Module is built out for integration and variable pay.
- Making sure that all Talent Modules that are linked up with the Compensation Modules for success purpose.
- Making sure that Serve as aconsultant to HR Consultants, Managers and Leaders as required on specific projects.
- Ensuring that all the assigned HR projects are organized by providing structure to them and ensuring that all team members adhere to the deadlines.
- Making sure that all projects are completed in line with the budget and the business objectives promptly.
- Communicating with our key stakeholders all the reports and project budgets tracking.
- Making sure that reports are well prepared as regards to the status of each project to ensure that the business needs are well met.
- Making sure that you will be accountable for all the review of projects including its implementation and best practices development.
- Making sure that all our delivery are done effectively using coordinated processes in collaboration with third-party project managers.
- Making sure that constant processes are improved towards making our company better.
- Serving as a point of consultation for all staff on smaller processes as well as making sure that all past projects are kept.


- A minimum of five years experience as well as knowledge of project management.
- Experience in Budgeting, as well as a PMP certificate, are preferred.
- Experience in management, professional consultation, and banking is preferred.
- A minimum of five years of experience working in the department that deals with compensation and benefits as an HR.
- A good understanding of HRIS and other share services as may be required coupled with the ability to analyze issues.
- Ability to communicate effectively with personnel at different levels.
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite coupled with knowledge of business intelligence and other forms of applications.
- Ability to work in a fast paced environment.
- A university degree coupled with an excellent but equivalent work experience.

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