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Information Security Engineer


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Information Security Engineer


$ 5000 to $ 5200 per month


INDONESIA, Indonesia


July 26 2017



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Our company seeks an individual who will serve as our Information Security Engineer that will be based in Indonesia with the aim of bringing about the security of our organization’s information.

Main responsibilities:

- Making sure that all the security plans and policies are well developed, carried out and set to bring about a particular set of standard.
- Making sure that the security best practices and enhancements are recommended for the management of the security.
- Making sure that the right software, firewalls, and data encryption programs are implemented to bring about the protection of our company’s information
- Conducting aperiodic check on all the network of protection to determine the vulnerability of the security.
- Making sure that attacks are prevented, and weaknesses are not exploited.
- Making sure that our systems and networks are safe from breaches and other forms of intrusion.
- Investigating any form of thebreach which may occur as well as taking rapid actions to reduce the impact of the breach.
- Making sure that investigation is carried out effectively to determine the way the breach happens and its effect.


- A thorough knowledge and experience with different anti-virus software.
- Ability to assess risks making use of different tools, methods, and technologies which are produced purposely for that.
- A demonstrated experience I developing applications, systems or networks that are capable of securing our information.
- A good experience in the administration of systems, providing support to different platforms.
- Ability to communicate any security issue to the management of the company, your seniors, and other colleagues.
- Ability to determine breaches and be ahead of criminals seeking to cause a breach.
- A good understanding of security solutions which are meant to protect information from information theft.
- ISO 27001, PCI-ISA and CEH certifications with a security clearance as at when required.
- Ability to work in different areas including security consultancy, audits among others.
- Excellent knowledge of different authentification and authorization techniques to reduce the risk of information loss.
- Excellent knowledge of web related technologies as well as other network related protocols.
- Ability to research well coupled with a BS degree in Computer Science.

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