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International Program Scientist


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International Program Scientist


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November 20 2017

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Our company which is an international Program Specialist that is known for supporting The Austere environments Consortium for Enhanced Sepsis Outcomes (ACESO) that has its location at Biological Defense Research Directorate (BDRD), in Ft. Detrick, MD. Our company is known for providing all the necessary support services that are required by the ACESO as support for their company. You, as our international program scientist, will be saddled with the responsibilities of working in several African countries on research projects. Your aim is to lead our activities for the identification of pathogens.

Main responsibilities:

-Working on the management of all the pathogen detection data on behalf of all ACESO sepsis protocols across both Africa and Cambodia.
-Carrying different but designated scientific experiments and other activities for the purpose of optimizingassays for pathogen detection.
-Leading and managing all the international teams in different selected hospitals for the purpose of executing the ACESO sepsis protocol.
-Gathering all meaningful but important data by collaborating with both local and global colleagues.
-Ensuring the provision of reagents, expertise, and assays for the expansion of the ACESO’s influence through the collaboration with other colleagues.
-Working with multiple data streams as provided by institutions in a country for the purpose of reviews or analysis as the case may be.
-Making sure that all the scientific presentations and publications are all led and assisted while ensuring that safety is maintained through training.
-Ensuring that other Research Scientists provide assistance as to collaboration with the assistance of the incumbent’s expertise.
-The completion of other projects as needed is required.


-A thorough knowledge of different complex scientific techniques and procedures.
-Ability to communicate to different people at different time.
-Ability to work with little or no supervision from others as well as being able to take drastic measure for the purpose of diagnosing infectious disease.
-A Ph.D. in any science related discipline.
-At least two years experience in any related research coupled with the ability to supervise all the technical support staff.
-Ability to handle different chemicals both dangerous and diluted as well as work for a longer period without sitting.
-Ability to work with biohazardous materials in evenings and during the weekends.
-At least 30% travel is required to all ACESO international laboratories and scientific conferences.
-You must be a Citizen of the United States of America that can obtain asecret clearance.

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