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September 19 2021

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Job description:

Manuchar is one of the leading companies in the trade and logistics industry. The company has its headquarters in Belgium and has infrastructures in over forty countries and operations in about 120 countries. Currently, due to its love for expansion, it decides to employ a talented individual that would be involved in providing support for the development of all affiliates locally.


- You will be intensively trained by the Head Office in the administration of the Africa or Middle East operations regarding finance, documents and other forms of operation as may be required.
- Focus on our entire business target having satisfied the board that you are more confident in handling the file of all the company’s affiliates overseas.
- Develop relationships with the customers, suppliers and other vendors by ensuring that you handle their inquiries as to our products, draw offers and close deals as the case may be.
- Solve all the problems that rear its heads up in the course of the file processing and ensure that you oversee the whole processes to avoid any more complication.
- The senior officer that you report to will monitor your duties and activities while providing you the required support.
- Develop and sustain a close relationship with your colleague, suppliers among others in a bid to track the price of each product and the share market.
- Once, you have the required knowledge as to market and our product; you will become the Junior Trader. Your job by then will be to expand the marketing further. You will also be required to bring up new initiatives that will skyrocket our sales, keep an eye on the available business opportunities by being in touch with all our partners, suppliers and customers all over the world.


- A Degree at Masters level in Business Administration, Economy, Account or any other similar but relevant field.
- Excellent but relevant business experience
- Knowledge and previous involvement in transportation, importation or exportation activities, international trades and the necessary terms or documentation required in the trade.
- Proficient with the use of Computer and Microsoft Suite.
- Excellent oral and written English.
- An active and highly motivated individual that is self-motivated.
- Ability to work with or without any support.
- Must be able to perform activities and duties that would make you successful in global business.
- Sensitive to details and must be accurate with whatever you do.

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