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It Manager


$ 5000 to $ 7000 per month


Cameroon, CAMEROON


October 6 2021

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Duties and Responsibilities of IT Manager – PLC Engineer:

· Maintenance and repair of IT/electronic equipment including computers, servers, Vsat, TVsat, pipelay equipment software, fire detection system, mooring winches and level winders controls, printers, etc…

· Liaise with head office IT manager and Vsat provider as needed to optimize communications and IT availability / quality.

· Is responsible for the storage and maintenance of computers.

· Commission IT / electronic equipment, make adjustments and recommendations to eliminate malfunctions as needed.

· Troubleshoot PLC issues.

· Assist head office with vendors for selecting appropriate electronic, IT, or PLC equipment.

· Install, configure, operate, maintain, inspect, test and calibrate electronic devices (winch payout meters and tension meters, load cells, etc…).

· Complete applicable reporting and documentation of key operating parameters.

· Write as necessary a full PLC program including a written description from equipment performance to how it is monitoring the equipment.

· Analyze engineering sketches, programing, specifications, drawings and related data to determine electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, motion and control components for equipment.

· Coordinate and conduct tests of completed units and components under operational conditions to investigate design proposals for improving equipment performance or to obtain data for development, standardization and quality control.

· Record test procedures and results, numerical and graphical data and make appropriate changes to equipment.

· Implement lock out / tag out procedure.

4-6 weeks mission

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