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Logistics Coordinator


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Logistics Coordinator


$ 7600 to $ 7800 per month


Hong Kong, HONG KONG


September 18 2021

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Main responsibilities:

- Passing across information to the ETC service groups and the forwarding agents with the aim of aiding the efficiency in the shipping process.
- Getting the availability of all the products verified for shipment while giving out all the necessary information to the departments for freight purpose.
- Acting as the primary contact for any information that is related to shipping.
- Ensuring the availability of products that await shipping by the ship date while ensuring that communications are effectively done in thecase of possible delays.
- Building and maintaining as appropriate stock purchase orders while studying and reviewing all the reports related to rescheduling.
- Communicating all the inventory discrepancies to the right quarter after it has been reviewed in line with the potential shortages.
- Purchasing products as well as ensuring the tracking of the shipments as may be requested.
- Getting the lead time of the delivery of the products as well as ensuring the safety of the products.
- All ETC Asia Purchase orders will be done by you while you ensure the correct completion of the movements in ERP.
- Making and keeping an up to date and accurate reports about all sell off stock.
- Assisting with different things which include Cycle Count Programme for storage locations, shipping document for aloan, SAP Material Master maintenance and a host of others.
- Ensuring the compliance with all necessary rules while filing all documents relating to import or export.
- Making sure that you file all the necessary amendment from the customs in thecase of any changes.
- Getting all amendments published in HS Code list internally with the aim of advising all our import agents at adifferent location.
- Getting all the activities related to the package and actual shipping of goods in line with the requirements of each country.
- Cooperating with intercompany coordinators with the aim of ensuring the configuration and optimization of containers.
- Coordinating all the activities related to inboard container freight unloading.
- Coordinating the action of picking the right shipment for our goods with the aim of minimizing cost.
- Preparing the freight quotes based on the service provided while reconciling the freight invoices with receipt as the case may be.
- In thecase of damage of service failures, you will manage the freight claim.
- Working on the auditing and the maintenance of all freight rates in our system as well as ensuring that all customer invoices are regularly audited to make sure that charges are correctly calculated.
- Working in the preparation of both the delivery orders and the commercial invoices.
- Ensuring the proper documentation of Incoterms on all the order while ensuring the compliance of all updated international shipping rules.
- Serving our customers either through telephone or email.
- Working on other duties as may be required.

Minimum Qualifications:

- At least three years working experience in a logistic environment
- A thorough knowledge of all the international shipping rules, processes, policies, and requirements.
- Ability to pay excellent attention to details for the purpose of ensuring accuracy.
- A minimum of high school diploma.
- A good understanding of the ETC product and commodity code.
- Proficiency in the use of hand tool and other small power tools.
- Ability to think creatively to solve problems in a hardworking manner.
- Ability to relate with other people well without much ado.
- Ability to organize works and other activities with the aim of multitasking.
- A good experience of operating all ERP computers.
- Proficiency in Automated Shipping.
- Ability to work with self-motivation and proactive.
- Proficiency in Microsoft Word Suite and Chinese Word Processing.
- A driver’s license with a good driving record.
- Excellent communication skill in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.
- Ability to work with no or little supervision.

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