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Logistics Manager


Expat Job

Logistics Manager


$ 7400 to $ 7700 per month


Boon Lay Kaki Bukit, SINGAPORE


December 16 2017



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Main responsibilities:

- Be responsible for the functions relating to Warehouse and Transport sections.
- Ensure the management of all the leadership positions to bring about the continuity of our business in the company.
- Motivate the staff in the performance of their functions to ensure the meeting our management’s expectations.
- Ensure the management of all our plan, and rosters to ensure the performance of all our works.
- Improve the development of our workforce to ensure their optimum performance.
- Perform all administrative tasks to ensure the continuity of our company.
- Ensure the cost effectiveness of each project on a daily basis.
- Ensure the maintenance of all the vehicles and our equipment on a daily basis.
- Make sure that the log to the vehicle repair overview and up time is up to date.
- Be responsible for the best measures required for vehicle maintenance to increase its up time.
- Go for the spare parts that would be quality and cost effective
- Ensure the verification of all invoices before they are paidfor.
- Make sure that the necessary cards like fuel and cash cards are always available for use.
- Provide the necessary support required for the implementation of all our company initiatives.
- Be responsible for the mentorship and training of our staffs to make sure that they perform their assigned duties well.


- At least a diploma is required.
- Up to three years of experience, at least, in a logistic department working on the deployment of fleets of vehicles.
- Ability to drive well with a clean record and a Class 3 license.
- Ability to make use of Microsoft Office Suite well.
- Ability to self-motivate yourself to work with a positive mindset while you work independently.
- Ability to lead, relate with people around you and communicate well.
- Ability to work under the strictest pressure either independently or with a team.
- Ability to pay strong attention to deadlines.
- A physically fit person that is always at alert and ready to work with a team.
- Ability to be dependable, flexible and punctual.
- An EU citizen who can work in an international environment where time is precious.

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