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Logistics Manager M/f


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Logistics Manager M/f


$ 7600 to $ 7800 per month


Bangkok-rama 9, THAILAND


November 21 2017



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We deal with the supply and production of Scaffolding and formwork and currently sits at the top of the industry ranking due to our turnover in 2016. The company has its production and development facilities near Ulm in Weissenhorn in Southern Germany. Ever since it hadbeen established in 1969, it keeps expanding regarding population as we currently have over eight thousand workers in over sixty subsidiaries working for our storage sites to serve our clients all over the world our innovative equipment. We also have a very strong innovation, excellent engineering expertise with quality material to bring about cost effectiveness in projects all over the world.

Main duties:

- Optimize the supply at hand to ensure that the material available is stock in for both sales and rentals.
- Ensure the delivery of all our stored materials in the required stock yard and place where it is demanded.
- Be responsible for the management of the disciplines and technicality of our logistics and order department.
- Being responsible for the correction of costs that related to logistics and order fulfillment.
- Ensure the preparation of the statistics, ratios, and overviews necessary for evaluation on a yearly basis.
- Consider the complaints of all our customers relating to the quality we give them as regards to our materials as well as other problems which are related to logistics.
- Ensure the definition of all the material investment plans on a yearly basis with no exclusion to the management of the subsidiaries.
- Take care of all the changes that could occur in the stockyard.


- Opportunity to work on comprehensive projects.
- Opportunity to take on professional training.
- Excellent remuneration packages in line with the experience and other qualifications.


- Expertise in the management of the stockyard or other material management business.
- Ability to manage different teams with over ten staffers.
- Ability to ensure the cost optimization of all our projects.
- Ability to develop visions which are capable of bringing about effectiveness in our business.
- Ability to lead a team as well as motivate the members into performing well with you strong charisma.
- Ability to communicate well and relate with others well.
- Ability to self-motivate yourself and take on goal oriented businesses which would make us successful.
- Ability to organize well in line with our culture.
- German citizen is required while ability to speak and write English fluently is a plus.
- Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite.

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