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Manager, Engineering Software - Tools Team


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Manager, Engineering Software - Tools Team


$ 8200 to $ 8500 per month




February 13 2018

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Main responsibilities:

- Making sure that all the intangible variables are properly assessed for the purpose of determining issues that are fundamental to it as well as ensuring that all necessary solutions are taken to solve those issues.
- Making sure that all plans are developed and maintained to ensure that the goals and strategies of the company are achieved.
- Making sure that solutions are provided and implemented with cross-functional teams interests in mind.
- Making sure that all the company’s policies are developed, modified as appropriate and implemented to ensure the improvement of the company.
- Interacting with people including those in the executive or senior management level on issues concerning the functionality of the company.
- Making sure that all activities are managed through your subordinates by giving them powers to supervise activities cost, schedules and staff.
- Making sure that the Vendor Support for our departments is monitored for all our applications and equipment to be in the best form.
- Making sure that other business units are interfaced to ensure the establishment of uniform tools and best practices.
- Ensuring the tactical and strategical support for the company.

Skill Requirements:

- Ability to analyze issues and situations for the purpose of resolving any problem that might be discovered through the analysis.
- Ability to make decisions and guide all our product and systems designs
- An in-depth knowledgeof the business strategies and goals of the company.
- Ability to serve as support to our staff.
- Ability to communicate verbally or in written form
- Ability to effectively lead and supervise people around you.
- Ability to organize your works effectively and work under high pressure without much supervision.
- Ability to work with passion and self-motivation as well as meet tight deadlines.

Education and Experience Requirements:

- A Bachelor degree in Engineering is required.
- At least five years experience in the management of software engineering.
- At least ten years of experience in both project management and other trade related fields.
- A strong background in anengineering discipline that is relevant to this job.

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