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Manager - Operational Learning & Development


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Manager - Operational Learning & Development


$ 7800 to $ 8000 per month




November 29 2018

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Dp World currently aims at developing new underways in the Middle East, India, Europe, and Africa. The company is also one of the leading companies in the world with it is over sixty-five marine terminals in six continents.

Main responsibilities:

- Understand the objectives of each of our strategy by collaborating with the Senior management team at the BU level with the sole aim of determining the risks and performance of the company to bring about the best solutions required for the company to thrive.
- Be responsible for the development of the programs that the Director of the World institute order you to do.
- Utilize the principles, practices, and processes of adult learning, the DP World institute, and other materials to deliver different programs.
- Collaborate with the Director of the Institute for the development and delivery of all the programs to the participants either through workshops, online learning or a learning institution.
- Market the institute and develop links required with other learning institutions while you ensure that the curriculum and content of each course are in line with the requirement of the accreditation body.
- Ensure that workplace learning application and local managementare supportedfor the development of new skills.
- Serve as a role model to the learners by providing activities for them through the course of the programs
- Improve the institute programs and learning materials as well as the delivery processes to make the institute more efficient.
- Advise the business on any matter that relates to learning and skills development.
- Be responsible for the development of critical competencies in collaboration with the Director of DPWI and Global Operations.
- Provide the required assistance for the improvement of the training and competencies in line with the business strategies and competence.
- Tailor the company’s operational programs in line with all the laid down requirements and competencies to bring about a unified business.
- Be responsible for the prompt and accurate feedback for all the managers and attendees.
- Follow up the actions of the participants to know that the knowledge garnered here add values to their business.


- A degree or its equivalent in any related but relevant field of study.
- Experience and expertise in learning programs which surrounds on maritime logistics and port operations using adifferent mechanism like virtual classroom among others.
- A strong understanding of the systems and automation development, performance measurement, and other terminal operations.
- Knowledge of the learning facilities which are developedin accordance with the principles of adult learning.
- Ability to work in an environment with diverse culture paying atteention to the culture of the company.
- Knowledge of the Logistics Operations structure which includes clearance, warehousing among others.
- Experience as a manager in a logistic environment.
- Capable of delivering necessary training across various culture and places.
- Maritime industry experience.
- Ability to work in a business learning area developing curriculum for the educational provider.


The company’s benefitsare based on location, and these include:
- Dependent educational support.
- Air ticket package on a yearly basis.
- Medical and health care coverage.
- Annual leave of twenty-seven days.
- Bonus related to your performance

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