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Marketing Communications Manager


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Marketing Communications Manager


$ 5200 to $ 5500 per month


Krabey Island, CAMBODIA


October 6 2021

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Currently, our company seeks an individual that will serve as the Marketing Communications Manager who will be responsible to the director of Sales and Marketing and the General Manager. You will be working from our Cambodia office.


- Have a strong knowledge and understanding of the company’s values, mission, and vision.
- Collaborate with the Marketing Manager and Director of Sales for the preparation of the relevant budgets.
- Develop and implement different methods and techniques that would improve our income and revenue with the aim of creating an optimistic vibe and perfection that our hotel and other attached services need.
- Outline different programs in such a way that we bank the opportunities that arise.
- Promote the image of the hotel and ensure that the hotel is ranked as one of the hotels with strong regards for professionalism.
- Assist the General Manager in an area that requires communication which is not limited to safety and emergency situations.
- Respond, as at when applicable, to any query while acting as the company’s spokesperson.
- Keep in touch with the news in the locality and ensure that you launch communication plans that are proactive and positive in nature.
- Develop and maintain strong business relationships with several media and people for us to gain their loyalty, support and earn their respect as being newsworthy.
- Utilize updated systems and technologies to organize and take cognizance of different information and data.
- Regulate all the contents on our website by ensuring that those contents meet the company’s quality standards.
- Make sure that the two-way communication in the website is successful by improving the sales and reservation.
- Be in charge of all our social media accounts.
- Maximize our available opportunities on different media by ensuring that you research carefully on what each media wants for us to have an improved publicity.


- A Bachelor degree in Communication, Journalism or Public relations or an equivalent amount of relevant experience.
- At least four years working experience in a similar position.
- Must be able to plan and set your budgets
- Ability to communicate and cool down the crisis.
- Excellent background in hospitality, travel among other relevant field is preferred.
- Capable of creating events that are newsworthy and strong understanding of the duties of a Public Relation Officer.
- Ability to effectively perform the requirements of each job without leaving anything behind.
- Must be able to serve as a good ambassador for the firm with the aim of portraying the company in a professional light.
- A trusted individual that can handle confidential and highly classified information and inquiries with tact and finesse.
- Communication skills to communicate and manage different businesses, press and a host of others.
- Knowledge and understanding of performing your functions promptly and in a well-organized manner.
- The start date for this work is January 2018 and Accommodation will be provided for the employed individuals.


- Accommodation
- Working visa
- Uniform
- Meal
- Additional benefits that would be discussed in the course of the interview.

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