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Marketing Manager


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November 27 2018

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Our company currently seeks an individual to serve as its Marketing Manager in its Korean office. The right person will work from our South Korea office as our full-time manager.


- A Bachelor degree from any reputable school is desired.
- A minimum of six years working experience as a marketer in a large scale but leading technology business or software company is an added advantage.
- Ability to use social media and the web very well.
- Experience in managing abudget.
- A strong communicator who can speak and write English and Korean excellently.
- Familiarity and strong understanding of digital marketing is gold.


As a marketing manager, you will be part of the team responsible for the development of all the campaigns for the promotion of our products, services, and events within South Korea. Your functions may include research, sponsorship, event organization and sponsorship among others. Your duties include:
- Development and preparation of all our company’s marketing plans in line with the laid down procedures, objectives, mission, and vision.
- Ensure that the budget is well managed to bring about correctness and successful meeting of the established ROI matrix.
- Be responsible for the development and implementation of the Korea yearly or quarterly implementation plan at the branch’s departments.
- Oversee the launching and marketing of our products to bring about more sales.
- Collaborate with the Sales organizations in Korea to bring about improvement in our company’s sales.
- Utilize the people’s knowledge to develop a marketing approach which is customized to suit the people’s tastes, wants, culture and needs to ensure the improvement of sales, revenue, and demands.
- Manage all the events that the company might organize,which may include seminars, workshops among others.
- Collaborate with the relevant sectors to bring about the successful completion of the campaigns and result reporting.
- Utilize the social media like Youtube, Instagram among others to market and generate leads for the company. This does not mean you will not be in charge of a business website.
- Report all the challenges, success and other information about each digital marketing promotion by presenting data with the help of data analytic tools in such a way that people can easily understand. You may have to work with the Head Office to get some relevant data as the case may be
- Collaborate with the Public Relation Agency to assess the press release, source advertorial prospects and follow up on a report.
- Be in charge of the texts on the marketing resources/materials which does not exclude the letters, websites, flyers, emails among others.
- Work with several publishers and other relevant experts to ensure the production of excellent marketing materials for our company.
- Be a step ahead of our competitors by assessing their activities and their lead generation.
- Make sure that all our marketing activities are in line with the laid down marketing plans.

Important skills:

- Working experience in a related capacity.
- Ability to work with a team.
- Must be able to copywrite and communicate (orally and in writing) excellently
- A creative person who can adapt easily to changes.
- Excellent management and organizational skills.
- Numerical and Data Analytical Skills coupled with the skill in using Spreadsheet for data analysis.
- Proficient with IT.

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