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Marketing Program Manager


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Marketing Program Manager


$ 7800 to $ 8000 per month


San Francisco, UNITED STATES


October 10 2021

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Our company, ZINFI Technologies Inc. is one of the leading service provider of technologies with its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Our company was founded in 2004 and is renowned for its experience in providing excellent services to our clients. It is one of the fastest growing companies with thehighly experienced management team.

Main responsibilities:

- Being responsible for the management of all our integrated marketing campaigns and other projects while working with our IT clients and their partners.
- Being responsible for the development of all our sales tool kit while working with the marketing team of our clients to bring about an improvement in their sales.
- Developing and maintaining all the processes that responsible for the management of our project cycle to ensure the identification and the resolution of all the risks and obstacles that could obstruct the success of our market.
- Ensure the coordination of all our regional customers to solve all our problems and needs.
- Ensure the identification of all our criteria for program success as well as bring about the management of our strategies and program execution.
- Work proactively with all our customers to improve and track our campaign progress.
- Be responsible for all the weekly calls, reports and ROI analytic to our client.
- Be responsible for the management and running of the telemarketing services as necessary to all our partners in the onboard channel marketing for our regional markets and marketing programs.
- Ensure the alignment of our logistics with the aim to bring about a flawless execution while working with the company’s cross-functional team.
- Being responsible for the provision of all our integrated service delivery to meet our clients’ expectations through the management of all our remote operations center.
- Visit our clients and all our remote operations center which are in different countries.


- Experience in the management of B2B or B2C marketing program and information technology.
- Proficiency and experience in digital marketing.
- Ability to manage your time, project and resources.
- Proficiency with all Microsoft Office Suites.
- Ability to organize your works with self-motivation.
- Ability to perform different tasks at the same time.
- Ability to make decisions and resolve all problems.
- Ability to learn very quickly and think creatively.
- At least seven years of experience in a similar position coupled with a minimum of three years experience in program management.
- A graduate is required while MBA is preferred.
- Ability to communicate fluently in English orally or in writing
- Knowledge of another language is a plus.

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